Would you put mayonnaise on a hot dog?

  • Yes, mayonnaise absolutely belongs on hot dogs and that’s the only way I eat them.
  • I wouldn’t have considered it before, but that sounds all right now that you mention it.
  • I like mayonnaise as much as the next person, but there’s absolutely no way that you’d catch me putting that stuff on a hot dog.
  • Mayonnaise? You mean the Devil’s Condiment? Get out of here with that kind of malarkey.

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Where’s the option between “always/the only way” and “never/not considered before”?

It’s not the only choice but it’s also not some weirdness. You’d add sauerkraut, right? Small hop to coleslaw. Which is often made with a mayo salad dressing.


Uh, yeah. Its really good. Keeps the bun from being so dry.


Keep the devil out of my 'dog.

Butter on a bun, now that’s good.


I’ll put all mayonnaise where it belongs in the garbage.


My ideal hotdog topping:

1 layer of mayo
1 layer of Siracha
1 sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese

I had this exact kind of hotdog TODAY


I prefer mine with natural ketchup tbh


Mayonnaise belongs on almost every food.


I’d rather go with a tartare sauce over straight mayo, much in the same way I’ll generally go salsa over ketchup. But, in both cases, it’s kinda “this but add something interesting/spicy and crispy into it”.

(Unlike my above comment about mayo in general, I recognise that hardly anyone else sees this as a natural/general substitution and that salsa & tartare sauce mix to dip your chips in is not a common thing - you’re all missing out!)


There’s a local chain where I live that sells hot dogs topped with Japanese food. Their most popular item is a hot dog with teriyaki sauce, dried seaweed and mayo.

It’s good.



:raised_hands:Tartar sauce > all sauces.


I put mayonnaise on a hotdog literally yesterday.


I attempted to add the following two options to the poll to make it a bit more nuanced, but it appears to be unable to be edited at this point:

  • I’ll sometimes get my hot dogs with mayonnaise because I don’t like being constrained by one set of condiments
  • I’ve tried mayonnaise on a hot dog before in my more adventurous days, but I’ll never make that mistake again


i need this very badly


Damn, I have everything I need to make this myself already in the kitchen except for the actual frankfurters.


If you can trick me with some concoction that is only part mayo then I’ll give you a bit of a glare, finish my hot dog, and be on my way. You’ve japed me thoroughly.

If you just slather that dog in straight up mayonnaise, then that’s mayonasty and I will be having none of it.

I’m down with fry sauce and sriracha mayo though. Might as well be entirely different condiments as far as I’m concerned.


I mean, sometimes. It’s fine.


I used to be strictly mustard only when it came to hot dogs, but last time I was in Toronto I got to try a hot dog with kimchi on it, and now that’s all I can think about.


These days I rarely eat mayonnaise straight up but, the pink fry sauce that’s basically just ketchup and mayo mixed with a few extra spices, I’ll put that on just about anything.


Mayo on a hot dog is good. Mayo on french fries is good, too.

Mayo is a quality condiment that should not be restricted to keeping sandwiches from being dry.