Would you watch more Law and Order if it was an anime maybe?

  • Yes, of course all anime is pure
  • No, please dont tell Dick Wolf

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no but if dick wolf directed an anime i’d watch that


Only if Dick Wolf is in it


Not only would Dick Wolf be in it, he would have a stand.


And if you have to know, Dick Wolfs stand would be named 「EMPIRE STATE OF MIND」


Need a Stand name for Speed Weed (Supiido Wiido?) as well and I think we’re good to go for a Toonami slot.


The first season of Ace Attorney showed some potential, I think.


I would 1000% watch a Law and Order anime. Please make a shonen law and order anime.


Speed Weed’s stand can only be named「CALIFORNIA LOVE」


Like I really need an excuse to binge watch more Law and Order.


I think I could probably get interested in Chris Meloni as an anime boy.


I’m only familiar with older Law and Order episodes, but I’m kind of super into the idea of a tsundere Lennie Briscoe.


This is called Patlabor.


Christ alive Patlabor is actually just a Law and Order anime with mecha. But it doesn’t have nearly enough Ice-T.