Wow Glixel shut down!

I looks like Rolling Stone has locked the San Francisco office of Glixel and has laid off all seven staff.

This is really sad for me because it was another outlet that had a very similar mission statement to Waypoint (albeit run by a set of people who came up in the games industry 20 years earlier and had a much more traditional mindset for coverage).

Anyway, I hope this was just Rolling Stone saying “having a satellite office in SF just for this is crazy expensive” instead of something more dire for written games journalism.

Glixel isn’t exactly being shut down, but it won’t have any of the original staff.

[John Davison] (

What we started isn’t going away, but the future of it will now continue from the Rolling Stone office in New York without us.

I feel sad about this considering that Glixel did great interviews, like the one with Peter Moore. Hopefully the original staff can find a place that fits their work.

Sounds like Rolling Stone is indeed just shuttering the satellite office to do game reviews in-house. Though if it’s come to this, I kind of wonder why Rolling Stone thought a San Francisco-based staff of seven was a better investment than just working out of the New York office in the first place.

Best of luck to the staff that’s affected by this. I hope they all land on their feet, because regardless of the reasoning, this really just sucks.

Damn, I know they did a bunch of really interesting pieces, and wasn’t it they who kept letting Kojima write about movies and stuff when he felt like it? This is a bummer, and it feels really short lived. Is it less than a year they’ve even been a thing?

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I feel like this is one of those places where having a bunch of institutional experience really came in handy. John Davison has probably dealt with Kojima since MSG1, before Kojima was really KOJIMA.

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Man, this sucks. They weren’t even properly up for a year. There podcast was actually great, quickly turned into one of my favourites. The team was so solid, a group of really great people. Hope they land on their feet quickly.

That’s a real shame! They had a great line in industry focus and connections without just being another Gamasutra. Loved the Kojima column and did Duncan Fyfe write a couple of things for them or am I misremembering?

Saw the name around a lot before I realised the site was in any way connected to Rolling Stone, would’ve been good if the parent publication had maybe advertised them a little more, or even got some crossovers going (would be great to see some videogame writing by Sean T Collins, Douglas Wolk or Rob Sheffield, or see the Glixel staff crossposting stuff on soundtracks or music-related games on RS).

It’s hard out here for a new digital gaming vertical, as Three 6 Mafia once rapped.

The Kojima columns were the only reason I really knew about these guys at all - they came onto the scene around the same time as Waypoint and I get the feeling Vice blew Rolling Stone out of the water on this one

This is really sad news because John Davison, Simon Cox, Rachel Weber and Miguel Lopez were real professionals. Even in this world of Vlogs and Youtuber people with print publication and web experience are precious. I wish the New York office the best, I certainly don’t want to lose another outlet. However, 99% of why I would check into Glixel at all was for Mr. Davison, Mr Cox, Ms Weber, and Mr Lopez.

As costly as it may have seemed, I don’t think you get eyeballs on Glixel content without John, Simon, Rachel and Miguel. Business is about the bottom line, but the expertise of the west coast Glixel crew cannot be overstated. Again, I wish the East coast folks the best; and I hope they find a way to shine.