Wow of Warcraft: Legion or Illidan Discussion Zone

Who’s hype for Tomb of Sargeras? The bosses that my boyfriend/raid leader has shown me seem pretty neat, although that said Nighthold really dealt a blow to my desire to tank for any of it, so I’ve slowly been leveling a hunter because they made Hunters Really Good and i love animal friends.

I really hope that 7.25 changes up Demon Hunters some to be a bit better bc i’m just, really tired of Vengeance tanking and I don’t really care for Havoc :<

Any thoughts on classes/raids/instances/Illidan/etc?

oh yeah, also fuck malfurion

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Oh man is this a place we can hate on malfurion? that guy sucks.

I’ve kinda mellowed on legion, not really even because of the game itself–though I do think the class challenge for Blood Death Knight is bogus–i’ve been having a lot of fun doing mythic+ stuff with friends. I’m kinda dreading/excited for when Tomb opens and we have to do +15s again.


My guild just finished Heroic Tomb, and now that they have AOTC a lot of fair weather raiders have begun to vanish, but I have been deeply enjoying legion and look forward to the rest of it.

I really hope they smooth out some of the odd rhythm of Havoc with 7.2.5.

I started WoW midway through Warlords and this is my first time doing non-solo content, so I have been loving mythic(+) dungeons and raiding, even though I am distinctly still a noob.

I just came back to the game about a month ago after only playing during the first month of Legion. Decided to roll a Shaman and man, there is just way too much shit to do when you hit 110 now. It already felt like a lot before at launch, but being a bit further into the expansion I just feel like I’m getting pulled in a million directions.

Happily enjoying my ultra-goth shadow priest, although I don’t know how much I’ll be playing now that most of my friends have stopped. Also, I’m sort of tired of the game telling me Illidan’s a good yet misunderstood guy and not a complete jerk. But at least he’s not Malfurion.

my favorite thing is that the illidan novel they released before legion has him commit NEW atrocities that he didn’t commit before and that the same questline thats like “ILLIDAN IS THE HERO OF ALL” is also like “HEY LOOK AT WHEN ILLIDAN KILLED A BUNCH OF HIS FOLLOWERS FOR NO REASON”

its wild, i have no idea what its leading up to (probably nothing)

Haha, omg, I didn’t even know about the novel. My only hope for the plot is that the giant lightbulb’s a liar and Illidan really is evil after all but I sort of feel that even this basic level of storytelling is beyond Blizzard’s interest.

hey did someone say hating on malfurion?