WPR 542 - Double Dead Space Interview (and a lot more!)

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Caution, it seems the developer of Broken Arrow is a Russian pro-war advocate.

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Why am I not surprised?

Eugen had their unsuitable labor practices, and whatever happened in that private chat channel.

Massive made The Division.

Now these randos are pro-Russian invasion.

Why can’t we have “modern military” RTSs from devs who don’t turn out to be terrible?


I kinda feel like the words modern military answered that question for me.


This is why you’re not going to find guntubers with remotely decent social politics. There’s no such thing as a 'single issue voter". Enthusiasm for a particular hobby that’s predominantly enjoyed by reactionaries means that if you’re not a reactionary already, you’re going to start empathising with your peer group through your mutual interests.

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Except for Hearts of Iron, that player base is split evenly between wehraboos and trans socialists.

A lot of people have said but it bears repeating how great these regular developer interviews have been.