Wrestling Match of the Month Club - June 2021

Hey everyone, I’m starting a Match of the Month Club over on the Discord, and I figured it would be a great venue to involve the forums as well! Folks submit matches, vote on a couple ones we want to watch, take a month to watch them, and then meet back up to discuss.

There is one requirement for matches: they must be easy to watch via LEGAL channels.

There’s a Google form with more info, and to submit matches for voting here: https://forms.gle/8j5de2cgZ3MSUm437

I plan to start the poll on the week of the 26th, so we’ll have a week to vote before May starts. If you have any qurstions, let me know!

do the matches have to be within a given time period? how are we defining easy to watch in terms of minimum barriers if that makes sense. apologies if the answers to these questions are obvious

No time period, and youtube/free matches are preferred at least for this first round, but as long as they’re accessible mostly world-wide I think we’re fine.

WCW matches that aren’t on WWE Network/Peacock and thus can’t be found unless you have tapes or illegal copies is kind of what I’m thinking in terms of stuff NOT to recommend. Or if there’s really obscure Pro Wrestling NOAH stuff that isn’t up on Wrestle Universe.

Let me know if that answers your question!

it does. appreciate it.

  • AAA TripleMania XXV - Dr Wagner Jr. vs Psycho Clown (Mask vs Mask) - Aug 26, 2017
  • NJPW Tag League - Jushin Thunder Liger vs The Great Muta - Oct 20, 1996
  • GMPW ChocoPro 89 - BestBros vs ASUKA and Emi Sakura - Feb 13, 2021
  • DDT Wrestle Peter Pan 2019 - ASUKA vs Akito (One Light Tube Deathmatch) - Jul 15, 2019
  • PWI Presents Beyond Wrestling - Trish Adora vs Tony Deppen (Iron Match) - Feb 14, 2021
  • GCW Fight Forever - Torneo Cibernetico 18 Man Elimination Match - Jan 30, 2021

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Alright, here’s the poll! It will be open until Sunday, May 16 at 11pm. Top-voted match will be the one we watch. Since it’s already halfway through the month, we’ll probably wrap the poll and then give everyone until June to watch, at which point we can discuss. Sorry for getting this up so late everyone!

EDIT: Hey everyone, just wanted to bump this and let you know voting closes in a little over 24 hours!

Alright everyone, the winner is Dr Wagner Jr. vs Psycho Clown’s Mask vs Mask match from AAA TripleMania XXV on Aug 26, 2017!

As for a link, AAA does have an official Youtube page, but it might not be available in all countries. If anyone knows where an official VOD link is, please feel free to put it in the replies!

We’ll watch this match over the next couple weeks, and come back on June 1st to talk about it. See you then!

EDIT: Moom suggests watching the Spanish commentary for the match rather than Vampiro & Matt Striker, who are largely uninterested in the match.

gonna be a little presumptuous and start us off. i love apuestas matches. i was a little leery going into this match cause of what i’ve heard of aaa is of a promotion that can have a tendency to be overbooked at times. i really appreciate the restraint shown in this match by having it be just the two competitors. i could only get into this on a cerebral level personally. not a fault of the match to be clear mostly my lack of knowledge of the two workers and a weird personal reaction to the crowd being split between competitors. psycho in the traditional paradigm would be the rudo in the feud right. i can acknowledge it’s a great example of a modern apuestas match while not being my favorite subtype of the genre since i prefer the minimalist brawls ala satanico dandy. maybe my one takeaway is i get more out of dragon system stuff than i do modern lucha. idk