Wrestling with the Contradictions of Lil Peep's Posthumous Final Album


It's time for another episode of Waypoints! This one is a bit unusual for a couple reasons, the first being that we ended up having way too much to talk about for one episode and ended up splitting it out into two episodes.

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This is a great episode – would love to see Colin Joyce on another episode (maybe in the second part of this Waypoints recording session?). I listened to Life is Beautiful on their recommendation and woof. I really enjoyed this discusison, but I’m not sure I could handle listening to a lot more of Lil Peep’s stuff given where I am in my life right now. I suspect it would tear right through me.

I still need to listen to the second half. I’ve got some thoughts about World War I memorials that may be activated by the PJ Harvey discussion, so we’ll see!


Looking forward to the Ballad of Black Tom discussion!


I’m glad they covered Lil Peep, I’d been wanting to listen to the new album, but had been putting it off because I thought it would bum me out. This gave me the push to listen to it and while it absolutely did bum me out the first time through I’m glad I listened to it.

More generally I really liked the focus on music. It’s much easier to keep up with albums than other types of media and I’m invested in music than movies or TV so I’m always interested to hear what other people are into. On a related note I think the first Lil Peep song I heard was from a Waypoint playlist back when they were doing those.