WWE’s Pointless Worked Shoots Only Highlight Its Own Stagnation

The only thing John Cena ever buries is the mouldering corpse of kayfabe.

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They’ve been mindlessly trying to recreate the magic of CM Punk for years, same with booking faces like underdogs in the same style as Daniel Bryan. They’ve completely misunderstood that the reason those angles “worked” was due to the talent that got it over, not the writers in the back.

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WWE has all the talent they need but because of a certain man running the show, all of it is getting squandered. It’s just incredibly frustrating because the folk who’ve been on the indies that come into WWE just languish because the management can’t bother adjusting instead of trying to fit everyone in the mold they’ve been using for the past two decades.

One of the saddest things about WWE right now is that the most interesting thing they have going on right now is honestly Southpaw. It may be a parody of bad old wrestling promotions but everything about it feels genuine in the same way that LU feels genuine or the Broken Universe felt genuine. It feels a lot like watching a horse race where right before someone is allowed to do something genuinely awesome, the reins are pulled back & the end up falling back in the pack.

This is WWE in 2017 in a nutshell.

They are so focused on creating “moments” that they do not take anything else into consideration. Long-term story planning, logical conclusions to matches, even the simple idea of making the experience easy for the live viewing audience are all thrown out of the window in the sake of the McMahon-ian currency that is “moments.”

Look at the match that happened after the promo. Cena and Reigns worked together in harmony instead of one backstabbing the other. That is literally the worst thing you can do from a story progression standpoint.

last E3 Xavier Woods was on the Giant Bomb late show and he talked about how the whole trombone thing was just supposed to be for an entrance but in the moment on a whim he decided to roll with it through the match and Vince decided he loved it. I don’t really follow wrestling except inasmuch as somehow half of my twitter follows follow wrestling. but I feel like it’s telling that one of their biggest successes lately happened, not by accident, because those guys know their stuff and work hard, but not as part of any sort of grand vision from the top. I’m completely speculating here, but I wonder if a lot of the reason The New Day worked as well as they did that is because they were a Tag Team (and black?) they were never going to be top of the bill so could sort of get away with whatever wild stuff they wanted without the toxic micromanagement from the top.