Xbox Adaptive Controller


This is… really fucking cool???

I don’t really have much more to add other than that. I just kinda wanted to share it and talk with people, especially those on the forums who this might help.


I am so so pumped about the possibilities this can bring about! I’ll be interested to see pricing of it, but hopefully this is a decent step forward!


All the accessibility folks at Xbox are so dang nice, they always flag me down at GDC to chat even though I’m a mega-indie who doesn’t do console dev. Just very kind people who strongly believe in their mission. This controller’s amazing and I’m excited they finally got to unveil it.

Surprisingly good reporting on it so far, too. It’s a weird alternate universe where I can read four different articles about accessibility/disability and not sigh wearily from the way it’s framed/reported on.


I don’t have much to add to this other than I think it’s fantastic, and I really hope Sony and Nintendo follow suit.

I can’t speak to Sony since I don’t have a PS4, but the lack of remapping options for Nintendo games is straight up embarrassing to me. I want more people to be able to play games like Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey and Splatoon, but for some reason they just don’t let you even remap buttons to your liking to allow people to comfortably play their games should they require such a feature.

So basically, kudos to Microsoft for leading the way on this, and I’m stoked it’s getting positive coverage.


I’ve seen the price point reported at $100, which is… not too bad? Considering the Elite is $150 and that’s been probably the best option for a remappable/configurable controller for players with disabilities, it’s a step cheaper. Though it looks like they’ll sell attachments separately, so it could amount to more.


I imagine there’s plenty more Sony employees besides just this one (did ten hours of work on his own time, nice) who would be very keen to work on something similar! We can only hope Sony and Nintendo catch up. I’ve heard a few things about the steam controller being a little more user friendly and accessible for people struggling with normal configurations as well, so it’s good there’ll be more and more options.


I believe the PS4 has button remapping built in on the system level and has for years I think. It dosns’t change in game prompts but is universal across games and apps and I believe there are adapters to use xbox controllers on PS4 that I would think would work with these


As long as the peripherals are converting any input into being interpreted as a standard input (like hitting the x button, moving the stick, hitting the dpad, etc.), converters will work.

Source: running fighting game tournaments for years and seeing them all the time.


I would think the Xbox One dosn’t take what I assume are audio signals as controller input so I would think that stuff would work. It’s the big trackpad looking thing that might be a bit iffy

Hopefully Sony makes their own version of this or just lets people use these out of the kindness of their hearts though

Now if you excuse me I have to go die laughing at the idea a company like Sony would do something out of the kindness of their hearts please give all my earthly belongings to the foxes. Don’t worry about finding them they will find you