Xbox Game Pass coming June 1

From Major Nelson

…Beginning today, May 24, all Xbox Live Gold members will get exclusive Early Access to Xbox Game Pass, and can start their 14-day free trial before anyone else. This is our way of saying thank you to our valued Gold members for their continued support.

On Thursday, June 1, Xbox Game Pass will be available for all users. That means anyone with an Xbox Live account can start their 14-day free trial and play over 100 games. Subscriptions will be available for purchase online at Join Xbox Game Pass: Discover Your Next Favorite Game | Xbox, with a retail offering expected later this year…

Games list is here:

Note: Games don’t stream with Game Pass, you can just download them and play it offline. You have to connect every 30 days however. Games in the Pass can also be purchased permanently at a 20% discount when you subscribe, and add-ons at a 10% discount.

Price Per Month (from NeoGAF)

  • US: $9.99
  • CA: $11.99
  • EU: €9.99
  • UK: £7.99
  • AU: $10.95
  • RU: 599 ₽
  • CL: $6.990
  • CO: $25.900
  • HK: $79
  • PL: 39.99 zł

I admittedly don’t know a lot about xbox and even their own website doesn’t seem to clear up my confusion - you have to have live gold to be able to play online, is that right? Which is $5 a month as it stands. Are those 100 games enough to make many people pay that AND another $10 a month, when PS+ is less than either of those, and gets you online play and free games. But then I am a playstation snob.

Is this getting rid of Games with Gold or whatever it is called?

PS+'s free service and Game Pass are different. PS+ gives you a small selection (6 games in total) every month that will go away after 4 to 5 weeks. There are usually 3 PS4 games given. Game Pass has a library, which includes 100 games (both XB1 and X360). It isn’t rotating right now, but it could change in the future.

Games with Gold is the incremental game catalogue part of Live (PS+ equivalent).

This is like EA Access: instant access to a vault of games which you can download and play as long as you’re paying for the service. Something to dive into for a month or two to catch up on some games that you just want to sample or quickly work through and then drop. Basically replacing old physical disc rental services.

Right, and an Xbox Live sub gets you online play and Games With Gold, which is 4 free games a month. Games Pass is another layer on top of Xbox Live. Not sure if you can get Games Pass without Xbox Live though.

Yeah i think it is. I think most xbox users pay for gold. I mean $10 to play 100 games right away and be able to download them? That’s awesome. This Game Pass wont take away from Games with Gold, which GwG is 4 games a month. With PS+ you’ll get at least 2 games since you can’t play PS3 on PS4,(unless you pay for PS Now), sometimes the vita games are crossbuy too.

Yeah you get a smaller selection with PS+ sure, but as long as you keep your subscription you can still access any game you added to your library that has been free at some point whilst you had that subscription. Presumably that’s the same case for this, otherwise people will pay the $10, download a butt load of games to keep, and then cancel. Which would be a stupid business move from Microsoft. So overall the lower price, imo, of PS+ would override the smaller selection with compared to this offering

No plans for it to replace GWG as of right now.

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Okay, thanks for the quick reply! I thought that was the case but things move so fast I never know.

That said, Game Pass looks like a real smooth deal. I wish this is what Playstation Now was. Cause I’ve tried Now and that’s a difficult experience. It stinks since there are so many awesome games on there.

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Yeah, that’s where the differences are shown. PS+ games can be kept during your subscription. Xbox Game Pass has a good hook however of letting you play tons of games, then purchase at a discount if you like it if it ever rotates out. It’s up to you if you want to keep your games, but it’s more of a small selection, or play 100 games, but they can be removed at any point.

Consider this as like a Netflix service for games, while PS+ and Xbox Live Gold are more about a selection of benefits, and also some games to go along with it.

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I haven’t tried PS Now yet, but it seems dissapointing. It’s too bad that PS3 BC likely won’t happen, as I want to try out some of the exclusives on there. The Cell processor likely prevents that.

Overall, Sony’s BC has been dissapointing. There also aren’t much PS2 games, and there’s no PS1 games.

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Finally. I waited for over 7 years, but with this 14-day free trial, I can finally, finally play Dark Void for free. A blessed day indeed.

But yeah, while MS has been killing it with their backwards compatibility stuff, I honestly wonder how much appeal a subscription service like this has. It seems like every few years somebody tries this (Gametap, anyone?) and it always seems to go away after a while. I wonder what makes MS think this will work well for them.

The game selection is a bit lacking to me, but that’s my own damn fault for being an avid game player for years. For a lapsed player or someone who wants a good bang for their buck, though? This could be Microsoft’s big break with that market.

I remember using GameTap for a while, I always wondered how it shut down. I found an old IGN thread that said Deus Ex and some other games got pulled off for mediocre ones. Do you know why it shut down?

(mind the edits, kept messing up with the interface)

I tried a trial of it and it was fine(as long as your internet is fast and stable) but not anywhere near an ideal BC solution. MS has Sony beat hands down for BC. It sucks because there is such an amazing back catalog for Sony but we have no way to access it outside of Now, a remaster, or the pretty sparse selection of PS2 games available.

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Wasn’t this supposed to come to PC at some point? I didn’t see anything on the current page.

That was a mistake MS made from the looks of it.

Update: The official page has been edited to remove mention of Windows 10 devices.

“It’s important to us that Xbox Game Pass provides an enjoyable and seamless experience,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Polygon. “Right now, we’re focused on launching Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One consoles and look forward to bringing the service to the broader Xbox community later this spring.”

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Oh, I missed the update back then. Thanks for the link!

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Hmm, it’s pretty pricey for mediocre selection of games. There are a handful of great games, but if you’re the kind of person who’s aware of this service, you probably have played them already.