Xbox Game Showcase 2020

Making this thread so we can talk about our predictions and share our reactions the microsofts big things today.

Raising my hands to the sky like i’m charging a spirit bomb for something Viva Pinata related. I don’t think it’ll happen but i can dream. So far it seems like a new Fable , and Psychonauts 2 are likely while Halo Infinite is a gurantee.

Anything else you think will show up? I hope Xbox has a good mix of games both genre and content wise like Sony’s showcase last month


I imagine a pretty strong ID@Xbox showing since so many of their new studios are in the whiteboard phase.

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I’m hoping for a new Fable! Maybe BRUTE FORCE 2 BAYBE

I’d also like a new Forza Horizon. My dream game is set on Japan. :F

Also GIMMIE whatever Undead Labs is working on. Either a big update to SoD2 or 3, I WANT SOMETHING THAT ISN’T CAR PHYSICS


This would rule!

My pie-in-the-sky dream is another trailer and a release date for Elden Ring.


We’re due for a new Forza Motorsport, especially considering that Motorsport 7 is no longer receiving updates and they’re still supporting Horizon 4 with new content monthly with no indication that they’re going to stop.

I’d love to see them drop the Drivatars and actually try and make their own AI again so I dont get rammed off track every time I go through a chicane.

Other than Forza, which is basically all I really want to see I’m excited to finally see the continuing adventures of Mr.Halo and I hope that we see a lot of ID@Xbox stuff. Maybe Obsidian’s new thing, though I didn’t like Outer Worlds at all and hearing that its a survival thing is turning me off.


Age of Empires IV to show off that it has mouse and keyboard support.

Also opens up with the announcement that they own what was WB games and as such they’re going to have a sizzle real that ends with “Hey you found a secret!” and a return of Hydro Thunder and San Francisco Rush is announced because the world needs more arcade racers.

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I’m tempering expectations based on the fact that Microsoft has said this will be games only and The Initiative isn’t going to show what they’re working on. But here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  • Halo Infinite: Give me gameplay and explain the hooks of the new game. A beta announcement for X1/PC would be choice.
  • Rare properties: I won’t say no to Viva Piñata, but boy would a B-K Nuts & Bolts sequel be nice. Pie in the sky: Playground is developing Diddy Kong Racing in collaboration with Nintendo for Xbox, PC, and Switch with day one cross play enabled.
  • Playground: Fable 4 would be great, Forza Horizon 5 would be better.
  • Obsidian: The Perfect Dark reboot is real, but actually it’s a spiritual sequel to Alpha Protocol.
  • Turn 10: Gimme Forza Motorsport 8 gameplay cowards!
  • Double Fine: Would love to see more of Psychonauts 2
  • inXile: A non-isometric RPG would be solid.
  • Age of Empires 4: Would love to see a console port of this using a control scheme similar to the 360 Command and Conquer games.

Aside from that, I’m excited to see new IPs, more updates for known games, and maybe a Series X release date? I get pricing is more delicate, but surely they can at least give us a launch date to look forward to.


i think we’ll get an update on obsidian’s new survival game out soon , and maybe some more flight sim news or footage. but hopefully there is some stuff i’m just not expecting. always like a surprise.

wonder if compulsion is doing anything other than we happy few. and boy howdy i just remembered the games ninja theory has in development and they’re just turning into another xbox’s naughty dog huh?

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I mean, Ninja Theory was way into the pcap stuff even before Naughty Dog got there (I think Andy Serkis was the villain in Heavenly Sword?). And they also have that multiplayer game whose name escapes me and is not worth me looking up right now. But yeah, with Microsoft cash behind them, I can see Ninja Theory going full “prestige gaming.”

Also I keep forgetting that Microsoft bought Double Fine and that Psychonauts 2 is a realish video game. Put that one in my eyeholes please.

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I would love to see another Forza Horizon, but I imagine they’d reveal a proper motorsport if anything.

Also want to see more of Rare’s Everwild.

I probably won’t be watching live, but I’ll be on the lookout for anything “out now/today” as well, because I’m waaaaay too impulsive with that shit.

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watching the pre-show and Danny O’Dwyer mentioned that Playground is working on an open world RPG.

Now that’s probably Fable, but Playground’s obviously proven themselves as fantastic driving game developers through the shared DNA of Project Gotham and Forza Horizon so heres my dark horse prediction that is 100% impossible:

Racing Lagoon or Tokyo Extreme Racer style RPG from Playground where the random battles are one-on-one races, you level up your driver and upgrade your car, deep story about becoming a great driver and overcoming personal problems a-la Over Rev! or Initial D, in other words, a game made specifically for Waypoint User ClairvoyantVibes.

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Setting aside the problematic shit aside, I really hope that Microsoft doesn’t go all in on the Sony prestige aesthetic like the internet demands. Like, just give me experimental AA and indie sized stuff on constant drip through Gamepass and I’m a happy camper. The thought of playing through another Ubisoft sized open world just makes me tired. Give me the bite sized stuff instead.


We’ve yet to see what Undead Labs is doing under Microsoft’s control. I hope they’re working on something cool, but at that scale.

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Microsoft bought enough studios that do enough weird, different things that I’m not worried about it. You’ll definitely get some “prestige” games because Microsoft doesn’t really have that in their portfolio (see: The Initiative), but places like Rare certainly aren’t built for that kind of thing and I think Phil Spencer is smart enough to just let them do their thing as they find it.

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I know FFXVI won’t be there. But I want FFXVI.


There’s only one announcement that Microsoft should make, and it’s that this tweet is real!

XBOX Mario Party clone. Feel free to screenshot this when it’s proven true.

Would this be a whole new series? Or Fuzion Frenzy 3?

Fusion Fren-3

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I can’t wait to see Phil Spencer’s blazer/shirt/jeans combo