Xbox Head Phil Spencer talks Xbox One X & First-Party Exclusives


In a wide-ranging conversation at E3 2017, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer talks to Waypoint about Microsoft’s new Xbox One X, a flagship console aimed at hardcore gamers, and discusses new games like Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport, and original Xbox backwa

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I always like watching Phil Spencer talk to the giant bomb crew, and now waypoint. He just seems like such a genuine and nice person who talks like a human and not just a corporate figurehead speaking obvious PR-talk.

I know he definitely does speak in the best interests of his company, but at least it seems like he honestly believes most of what he’s saying, and I really like it when developers and other industry folk do that.


If only Phil Spencer wasn’t so…ugh, in regards to his reasoning behind Scalebound’s cancellation:

Really, Phil? Really?

Moreover, he believes that the game could have been announced “too early,” causing pressure that turned out to be detrimental to the game’s development cycle, and eventually raised fan expectations to the point where it wasn’t certain that the studio could actually deliver. The decision was then made to shutter the project.

How does this even compute? You’re going to tell people that Scalebound was too hyped and put too much pressure on PlatinumGames and Hideki Kamiya? A development studio and developer that, respectively, have delivered under intense pressure before?

Just…what. Talk about laying blame and making PG seem incapable.