Xbox One making cricket like sounds

I recently received a ‘new’ Xbox One S as part of a warrantied exchange. My previous one was acting up, by not turning off properly and not allowing me to download a certain app despite troubleshooting. There were other more minor issues that were bugging me also.

Anyways, the new one was supposed to be new, as I asked them to please make a note of it. It looks great and works fine, but whenever it’s on it makes a weird, cricket-like noise, even when no game is running. I can hear it while gaming, during loading screens or quieter moments, and it’s definitely noticeable overall.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Is it a defect?

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I’m no expert, but sounds like you might have bought a cricket.


I heard it before in an original Xbox One, and didn’t keep it because of the noise.

I’ve had a cricket in the house before, and it was annoying like this is. But it eventually disappeared or died.

Yeah, sounds like a fan issue. I might try turning it completely off and gently rotating it, see if there’s a wire hitting a fan or something that you can fix by just displacing it.

Thanks, but I would honestly have no idea of how to do that. I get nervous doing such things, as well.

The thing is still under warranty, but I don’t know if it’s a legitimate defect or not. It definitely annoys me since I can hear it, and it hasn’t gone away in the month or just less that I’ve had it set up. As soon as it’s turned on, the sound starts.

Can you make a video or record the sound?

I might be able to help.

I could. I ended up just asking for a replacement, though.

My first Xbox One had the Coil Whine issue. Was easier to just get it replaced, rather than mess around with it. The new unit has been silent.

Is that what it is? As mentioned this is the second time I’ve heard it now.

Mine does the same thing. Drives me nuts. I literally only play on my PS4 now.