Xbox’s Excellent Game Pass Is Getting Tons of Games, Lots of Final Fantasy

Microsoft has spent the last year or so making Game Pass, a Netflix-style subscription service where you get access to a rotating library of games on demand, an incredibly compelling option. The company clearly sees Game Pass as a huge deal for their future, because at the X019 event today, some of the biggest announcements weren’t new games, but some huge old games coming to Game Pass now and in the near future.

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I have NEVER regretted getting game pass, and I’m hype to go home and give Rage 2 and AoE 2 Def. Edition a try.


Sony seems like they’re kinda fucking it up with Japan lately so I’m not surprised to see Microsoft finally pick up the phone and make some of those calls.

Will not be surprised if they continue to get more games from that region.

I was hoping for some Fable news, but I guess that makes more sense for an E3 reveal.

Adding FFXIV to Game Pass is a really interesting move. Game Pass is actually cheaper than the FFXIV sub, isn’t it? And even the “Ultimate” Game Pass is the same price as buying 30 day subs of FFXIV. Seems like kind of a no-brainer move for PC/XBox FFXIV players to switch to Game Pass if they think they’re going to play even a single other game from the pass each month.

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I keep expecting some awful news to drop about how devs make nothing off game pass downloads, because this whole thing, as much as I love it, always seems waaaaaay too good to be true


Could be a situation where Microsoft is happy to eat the loss and paying devs more than the actual amount of money they are getting through Game Pass just to increase the subscriber numbers.

Also, that’s a nice looking cake icon you got there!

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Thanks. I am now 25 years old.

Literally no one has ever been as old as I am right now


From what I hear, Devs LOVE gamepass.

It gets their games in more hands I guess.

Tinfoil: MS is pushing Game Pass really hard right now and eating a loss on it because they’re hoping Game Pass subs will convert to sales of the next-gen XBox. Especially if they can use out “definitive editions” of late-gen games on the Game Pass to expand their launch library without running into the “you want me to buy this twice?” issue that popped up at the start of the current gen.

Getting FFXIV on Xbox might be the thing that gets me back into it.

Try as I might, I just feel like I am no longer capable of enjoying PC gaming despite having both a desktop and a laptop that are capable in that regard.


I mean, yeah. That’s not a tinfoil hat theory, that’s just what they’re doing. I’m not sure what you mean about that second part though. The next gen consoles are going to have backwards compatibility, and if it’s at a level that’s as good or better than the Xbox One is now, then Gamepass or not you still can avoid the double dip issue.


Sub payments are separate from base / expansion payments.

I ended up with 3 free months because I am one of the few people who sub to Discord Nitro so I went ahead and immediately downloaded: State of Decay 2, West of Loathing, and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition all games I would never have bought but was interested in trying.

I’ll be honest if I end up keep finding things to play on it I probably will just subscribe and maybe even upgrade to ultimate when the next Xbox comes out because it seems like a great deal for what you get.

Been getting most of my games from gamepass these past few months, damn, cannot wait for FF and maybe i’ll even try to get into KH again(last time that I tried to play I hadn’t learned english and was playing a pirated japanese version)

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Same, though may I ask why you feel this way?

In my experience I always felt that the skill gap in multiplayer games on PC is so big, I never feel like I am even playing the same game at times.

That’s probably some aspect of it. I also just…like being comfy on the couch when I game. And while I could hook up a PC to the TV and use a controller, etc. every time I’ve done that I’ve not liked it because it’s always just fiddly enough to be irritating vs. picking up my Xbox controller and being instantly ready to go.

Also part is that my spouse enjoys watching when she’s not playing and I don’t like being sequestered away in the back room where the powerful PC is when I could be hanging out w/ her.