Xbox Series X’s First Gameplay Footage Is Here

Microsoft premiered the first gameplay footage for its upcoming next generation Xbox Series X system today during a live streamed press conference. The trailers included several unannounced games and consisted of in-game footage. Microsoft showed off Madden 21, Vampre: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 , and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, among others.

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Calling that Valhalla “gameplay footage” is…generous.

At least Yakuza 7 looks incredible.


“That’s a wang.”
.- The entire interwebs during that Scorn trailer

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I fully admit that this could be from watching this through a 1080p compressed Youtube stream, but boy did that make me feel more confident to stick with my X1X for the foreseeable future. Not that I’m saying the Series X will be a bad system, but I think I’ve reached a decent level of visual fidelity that I’m ok to wait on a price drop before getting into next-gen.

That being said, if Sony were to drop Spider-Man 2 as a PS5 exclusive, I may begrudgingly go with Sony as my next-gen entry.


That was definitely not what I expected when they were hyping up showing gameplay footage of third party games.

How does MS manage to drop the ball every single time with their Inside Xbox series? They need to get better about expectation management but if they had announced this was going to be teasers/trailers for games then maybe less people would watch?

There was a little gameplay in there, but I imagine that a lot of the more quotidian stuff like “Here’s me walking around with UI elements in place” isn’t quite ready for primetime yet. This is what a lot of these things are going to be like until…September, probably.

They started the stream by saying every trailer was going to feature in-engine gameplay then virtually every trailer was cinematics with two seconds of a character walking in game.


Technically correct is the most annoying kind of correct.


From their Xbox Wire announcement:

For the Xbox 20/20 May update, we will focus on giving you a first look at next-gen gameplay, trailers and sneak peeks from a wide variety of publishing partners and independent developers across the globe and industry, including Ubisoft’s recently announced Assassin’s Creed Valhalla , and hear from game creators about what they’re doing with their games on Xbox Series X.

I dunno, while I think it’s fair to be disappointed in what was shown (lotsa shooty shooty gore gore), but they were pretty upfront as to what this was. The internet just ran with it and hyped it up. Not sure how they can better manage expectations in the fanboy-sphere.

On a more posi note, I liked the DiRT 5 reveal and more Bloodlines 2 footage is always good (less a fan of the murder diorama and more of the mesmerizing on the dance floor). Overall pretty excited to play a bunch of these games when they come out.

I think saying they were showing “gameplay” was the misleading bit for me. That implies something they didn’t deliver on here, especially in the case of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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That’s totally fair. I just tend to come to preview stuff with disinterest most of the time because I’m usually drowning in a backlog anyway, so my expectations are usually pretty low. This was more of a “yup, next gen looks to be happening soon” sort of thing to me. But if you’re hyped for AC Valhalla, it was pretty lame.

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Motherfuck, am I alone here or are video games SO BORING? There were like nine trailers in that show that easily could have been the same game or a dozen other games. I feel like I’ve seen these same trailers a thousand times over the last five years. Even the big artsy game looked like a thousand other artsy adventure games. Am I just an old head cynical fuck?

The most shocking swerve was a dumbass meathead shooter that led to a guy jumping in a car. Even the big crazy anime game was straight up God Eater or Code Vein.

Thank god for Yakuza, that looked great.


I feel you on the trailer fatigue, although I do appreciate the sheer difficulty in squeezing what makes a game special into a 3-5 minute trailer. Back in the day it was much easier to wow people just by virtue of the fact that a lot of basic stuff was new. Like, the Mass Effect reveal was Shepard walking up to a bar and having a conversation. In 2005 that was mindblowing, but today it’s almost expected that your character-action/RPG game have some sort of dialog wheel-like system. I’m sure a bunch of these games will actually be pretty good once we get to spend hours instead of minutes with them, but the preview cycle nowadays does indeed feel very cookie cutter.

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The true most (maybe only) important announcement from the stream was that Yakuza 7 is coming to PC!

Also, I could tell the music from that horror game was by Akira Yamaoka after like 2 bars! His music is just so singular, at least in games.

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Basically sums up the video for me. I wouldn’t have bothered watching if it weren’t for the Giantbomb crew talking over it. You just know Sony’s scrambling to course correct with their videos (whenever they plan to show them) in response to this.


God, you have to hope so. As bad as Xbox Inside has always been, Sony’s attempt at doing Nintendo Direct style videos have been equally unimpressive before now. You’ve got to hope that if they hadn’t already realised they need to do better that seeing the response to this xbox thing would help push them.

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I’m wondering if the underwhelming videos so far are reflective of the “underwhelming” next-gen situation? With the emphasis on generational continuity with the Series X and PS5, they do kinda feel like a half step up from the half step X1X and PS4 Pro. Mind you, I’m not complaining about that as it does feel more customer friendly than previous generation transitions, but the side effect is that this feels about as exciting as when NVIDIA introduces a new series of graphics cards. Sure, the Digital Foundry set is going to be excited, but it rarely translates out to excitement outside of that circle. Especially when 95% of the stuff that will be shown this year runs on hardware you already own.

Is Scorn going to ever actually come out? Is it still an FPS? I remember seeing footage of it like two years ago

Thoughts about this stream:

Cynicism is so boring.

Games are fun.

This stream could have been better.


Games are art, and therefore never fun