'XCOM 2' Became a Great Game by Embracing Excess

One moment, among many: I’ve got six XCOM operatives lined up like a firing squad on top of an elevated train track above a ruined cityscape, where the ashen remains of the dead are still frozen in place from some alien weapon that was unleashed against them. Every turn chalk-white zombies come boiling out of the long alleys, drawn by the sounds of battle, and every turn my squad roars to life, with machine gun and rifle fire scything down most of each wave. As a few trickle through, it’s a 50/50 chance whether they come after my squad or the alien troops on the street below, who are fighting their own grim holding action against “the Lost”.

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War of the Chosen is SO GOOD but I gotta say gunslinger snipers are just broken against the Lost (at least until the very, very endgame).

I had a Chosen/Lost mission quite similar to Rob’s once that lasted an hour and a half. It was endless methodical attrition warfare that only ended when the Chosen took cover behind the solitary car that hadn’t yet exploded in time for my Reaper to explode it.

You’re right about gunslinger snipers but it also feels so appropriate to the zombie-movie feel of The Lost to just have your gunslinger guy or gal eliminate tons of zombies with a giant pistol. The flavor of that was alrightttt.

Anyways, I agree with Rob on this article. There’s just so much more flair to this game with the War of the Chosen expansion. Even little things like the fact that whenever a Chosen appears on a map, the game zooms in on them and they hold a pose while listing their current strengths and weaknesses. That’s just… a very good and stylish touch.

Lost actually have a 70% chance to go for your troops rather than aliens. Unless you have installed the mod that makes it 50/50 of course.

I’m really impressed how much better this expansion has made the main game, especially in terms of stability. Each time I tried to get into it before I would run into a variation of the same bug, get frustrated, and start a new game. My experience has been 100% better this time around.

Also giving a Templar Bladestorm and watching them dice EVERYTHING with psionic blades is so so good.


Bladestorm is amazing. On templars and rangers both. I think I’ve had a Col. Ranger get like 6 or 7 off-turn kills at once thanks to bladestorm.


In War of the Chosen, there was one particular mission where I went in with 6 soldiers, amassed a small army of 12 units, and ended the mission with 5. The mission was to escort a VIP to the extraction point. Two bonus objectives were to rescue some lost soldiers on the map. The rating on the mission was “Very Difficult”.

I lucked out at the start of the mission when two of my faction bonuses activated. One gave me a weak resistance soldier to aid me in battle. The other, gave me an Advent soldier who had turned turncoat to my side. Within a few turns I had successfully rescued the two soldiers lost on the map AND mind controlled a muton AND hacked a MEC. With so many units I thought I had the mission in the bag.

Pretty much everything went to shit from there.

I knew going in The Lost were supposed to show, but I wasn’t ready for the first appearance of the Warlock. I was already knee deep fighting off aliens and swarms of The Lost that I had attracted by being overzealous woth grenades. The Warlock showed up and I had a very similar experience to Rob.

What followed was an hour long battle of back and forth, disabling and recovering units (the snakes and mind control are the worst), and dumb mistakes ( I blew up two of my men with a grenade near some explosives).

I had lot of fun moment in xcom with my very anime themed squad (which I spend lots of time creating backgrounds and all that other stuff).

  • There is special mission when the Chosen tracks you down, its like the one which the Avenger is down, but, you already start with a very huge squad, however, you also need to deal with the Chosen (and maybe some Rulers, if there is anyone still alive) and the huge cannon they bring to destroy the Avenger. In the end,with several people wounded, I had this showdown with the Hunter, which was very good and tense.

  • Like dogsarecool said above, Bladestorm is really good ability, specially against the Lost, where a Ranger to mow them down like in samurai movie.

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$100 is too much to spend for this experience when you could just play the original XCOM. I’m typically note concerned about value but listening to the waypoint podcast and 3MA tells me that this isn’t the game for me.

If we’re going to complain about lootbox issues we should be able to complain about releasing a borderline broken game at launch with horrible DLC,

For all those that care - never will I ever pay over $10 for this expansion given that I payed in time and $$$ for Xcom2.

The DLC is the best part about this game, but you are of course free to do whatever.

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Not to bring up a week old thread but I haven’t been around for a bit. The original DLC packs are horrible DLC packs. I am not speaking about War of the Chosen.

Reasonable people can disagree.