XCOM: Chimera Squad aka XCOPS

Yeah outside of them being cops I really like how they’ve written it where once the elders power over them is gone the alien races are not just all barbarians.

This could have easily been a game about mopping up the remaining alien forces but so far does not seem to be that. It’s optimistic about how removing terrible leaders actually leads to change.

I am still a bit worried about the game in that we still don’t know yet who the enemy is outside of what seems to be a crime group of some kind?


My money is on the enemies being some new take on EXALT from Enemy Within, just because it fits the setting. But on the other hand they’ve been teasing TFTD stuff since 2012, and the setting resembles Apocalypse, so it could be anything.

My main prediction, plot-wise, is that there will be a big reveal at the end that sets up for XCOM 3.


I guess technically given what happens in 2 EXALT will not have been a thing right?

Given the ending with the Templars I have to believe this some how ties into 3 being a TFTD spiritual sequel. Really curious if the long running theory that the forgotten The Bureau XCOM Declassified plot ties into the plot of EU and XCOM 2 because that would be wild.

Well, I’ve always been partial to the idea that EXALT cut a deal with the Elders and became ADVENT. The popular theory is that the Speaker is a Thin Man, but EXALT had the same neck speckles and affinity for sunglasses. So I’ve always kind of thought that the heads of EXALT ended up in charge of ADVENT. And while the Speaker was killed, that doesn’t mean the other EXALT/ADVENT leaders were.

Then again, they could go with something more like the Cult of Sirius from Apocalypse, or something else. If it’s a TFTD thing, I don’t think we’ll actually know what the true big bad is until like the final mission. I feel like they’d save that for a full-on XCOM game.

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The, what’s supposed to be midgame but happens late early game because Firaxis isn’t very good at this, reveal that EXALT is building a portal the aliens can use to stage another invasion of Earth.

Hot Take: Enemy Within was a better expansion than War of the Chosen. My genetically modified psionic soldiers were badass.


I think this is something that was alluded to on a recent pod, that War of the Chosen because it has to hit these specific narrative beats is an expansion that plays great the first time around, but becomes much less welcome with each subsequent playthrough. Anyway yeah, the mech/genetically modded soldiers in Enemy Within were awesome even if it kinda messed up the balance of the strategy layer of the game.


Played about 3 hours now and I like it. It’s definitely different compared to XCOM EU/EW and XCOM 2/WotC.

Narrative so far is about what I would expect from an XCOM game while also managing to be a bit better then the previous ones I would say but it’s also a game that is definitely more focused on story missions.

The breach mechanic seems pretty cool especially since it feels like it should probably change quite a bit based on who and what equipment you bring on a mission. I like that the game is much more aggressive at throwing reinforcement units at you instead of just ending the mission abruptly once the task is done. I feel like that is something Long War 2 did that I wish War of the Chosen had done more of to make it feel like you are definitely in a place where you can not win and you just need to get out ASAP.

The game does feel much more like a puzzle then the previous ones but I don’t think that’s a bad thing it’s just a different thing. I’m actually really surprised that the out of combat strategy stuff turned out better then I expected.


Just played the first few missions. Each room is like a little puzzle in a neat way. It’s fairly simple right now but there seem to be a lot of equipment and ability options already so I’m excited to see what comes next. My only complaint so far is that I don’t seem to be able to use any equipment or abilities during breach mode.

Unrelated but is anyone having trouble with the game not seeing their video card. I have a laptop with a beefy Nvidia but it’s only seeing the integrated card.

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I do like the new combat design more than I thought I would and it actually is pretty fun to think about what you can use for each breach based on how many encounters.

Also the snake lady is rougher than you might have wanted your snake lady but, eh, if you wanted it, you got your snake lady. She hisses, she coils, she calls out your teammate when she thinks their showing off that they have legs, she has the understandable backstory of rather being shot at than sit around bored as a POW, and she hates your boss, which is fair. The boss kinda sucks.


I’ve played a handful of hours now, and I’m going to keep playing for sure. I don’t know yet if the story is really going to pay off the way it needs to, given the SWAT team dress up that it’s going with, but I’m finding two things to carry me through that: the tactical changes are significant enough to feel fresh and every time I pull off a move that knocks an enemy out so I get back to back turns I feel like a tactical genius. And second the crafted characters are a nice change from my own shitty role playing, since I was never really that invested in the procedural story telling the way some folks were able to breathe life into their squads. All the surface stuff of animations, sound, music etc is pretty slick and I’m digging the kind of weird neon post war future they have envisioned for the XCOM world. There is just enough there to make me want to fill in a lot more from the same setting, but without saying too much.


I dunno, after this I actually could go for a combination in the next XCOM of crafted and generated characters. Perhaps like how the original PS2/Xbox era Ghost Recon games started with rando generated soldiers to use till they died and the next one came up. Eventually you could unlock Specialists which were basically named and crafted hero units with exclusive futuristic “good guns” (weapon trials would eventually learn that those guns were mostly crap) but that if they died they were also permadead. This was in 2001. Get crackin’ Firaxis.

You unlocked Johnny Specific Soldierguy, a crafted XCOM soldier with custom appearance (That stays custom throughout the entire armor progression, I know where you cut corners, Firaxis. And more customization! For God’s sake there wasn’t even a cowboy hat anywhere in XCOM2.) and voice lines to fight the sea monsters in the next-- and he’s already been killed by the RNG. Welp, back to leveling up the scrub league.


I started to enjoy it more once I started to approach it more like a puzzle game instead of a regular XCOM game. I really love the post invasion world and hope they keep exploring it.

This game is full of so much lore/world building and I love it.


It’s worth noting that XCOM and XCOM2 both did that mix of mostly custom and some pregen ‘plot’ characters, just v lightly and mostly in expansions. (XCOM has Zhang and Annette Durand, XCOM2 has Jane Kelly, the XCOM 2 expansions give you a Lily Shen mission and a Bradford mission, and of course the WotC intro missions give you the pregen Reaper - Elena Dragunova - and Skirmisher - Pratal Mox).
It would definitely work to expand this into a more deliberate mix.


Put in about 5 hours this evening.

BOY, this game needs some SERIOUS work. This is one of the buggiest recent releases I’ve played in a long time. It’s almost unacceptable.

I’ve run into characters floating off a whole level off the ground, characters locked in place unable to move until a reload, enemies stuck in loops unsure of what to do, elements of the HUD artifacting during breaches, weird hiccups and hitches, and just an unintuiative and clunky interface (Why can’t I trade out troops before a mission?)

I’m tempted to drop it for a few weeks to see if they patch it up, because I ran into so many terrible issues, I’m wondering if I’m cheating myself out of a better experience later.

That said, I’m still enjoying it a lot. The breaching between sections is really fun, and I like the characters and world building in Men in Bla- I mean XCOM.

And I really wanna try a bowl of BIIIIIIG CRUNCH

fwiw although I did experience a game crash recently, overall my experience with bugs for this has been much less severe compared to initial XCOM and XCOM2 releases.

First 2-3 hrs I was enjoying the game, but kinda unsure how I felt about it, but the game is definitely growing on me the more I play it (guessing I am about a little over 1/3 of the way through the campaign now). It really feels like XCOM without a lot of the busywork.

I think once the mod community kicks in this game will get bonkers because people are going to be adding all kinds of new squad members into the game, and once you get enough of a large enough roster of possibilities that will really open up the opportunity for a lot of interesting replays.

Not directed at you but show of hands, who actually remembered Jane Kelly enough to realize she’s your boss in XCOPS?

But yeah, between the forgetability, temporariness, and lack of uniqueness, they could and should flesh out the idea. It should be the whole shebang we’re getting from this game at a minimum. Heck, make it easier and have a few of these cads show up.

Also, I’m four new recruits in and it seems like all the female aliens or hybrids hate Whisper. I’m concerned and wondering if there’s a reason to call HR on him.


can confirm; the snake is hot


Yeah I did not put that together until I listened to yesterday’s WPR and someone mentioned it. They should have kept her in the baseball cap although that would have been kinda weird attire for the director…

I’ve been pretty lucky with respect to technical issues, I thought Verge’s stupor was buggy but it turns out I misunderstood and “lose 1-2 actions” actually means lost action points not turns. So the worst thing I can say about the game technically, aside from some graphical glitches, is that it wouldn’t start for me this morning when my router hiccuped and I wasn’t connected to the internet which is annoying but not a deal breaker.

On a plus side, the modding tools were easy to set up and are a bit more user friendly (instead of a janky Visual Studio shell you can just use the more modern feeling Visual Studio Code straight from MS). The code base is similar to XCOM 2 from my initial look, and I was able to port someone else’s simple mod (disable edge panning which wreaks havoc with my head mouse, arguably should be a setting in the game proper) from XCOM 2 just copying and pasting and clicking compile & run.

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So in case anyone else is like me and thinks there are items that are consumable like they were in XCOM 2 the breaching items that say “Charges” means how many charges per mission not charges in general.

Verge is the best character and I dare you to disagree.