Yakuza 7 is coming to Japan on January 16th, will be a turn-based JRPG

As a huge Yakuza fan, I am absolutely here a wild genre-shift seven-games deep into a beloved series. The action in Yazuka was always more style than substance so I’m looking forward to what they can do in this new design space. I also just really love the justification of the new protagonist being such a massive fan of Dragon Quest that he views every fight that way.

It also means this “April Fools” footage they put out is almost certainly real:

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I mean the encounters in the previous Yakuza games already had a pretty JRPG feel to them (them being random battles and all), so it’s not that big of a jump it seems? I’m mostly worried about what this might do to the game’s overall pace, because turn-based combat usually takes a bit longer than real-time.

Aside from that though, I’m really impressed that the developers are going for such a change when they could also just kept using the old system. It’s good to see devs not only being willing, but also being allowed to experiment with a larger game series.


On one hand I love these devs and I’ll follow them wherever they go with this series.

On the other hand, the action is one of the things that brings me back to the Yakuza series each game and I either this isn’t a permanent change going forward or that Judgment gets continued as a side series that keeps that.

I havent played a yakuza game since 2? This has me intrigued.

By February the entire main series will on the US PS4, they’re good stuff and worth checking out. Though I’d imagine someone would burn out if they played all of them immediately one after another.

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I am excited about the change too, though I hope we get another side game or somethibg because the acfion combat in the new engine is really good and it’d be cool to have more than just three games that use it.

Have to admit when I first saw this I thought it was a mistranslation and this was just a mini-game or something, but I’m down for anything from RGG.

I might turn it into a project where I play one yakuza game a year to prevent burnout. I already know to avoid the zombie one. I wonder if we’ll get another ye olde samurai Yakuza game.

Neat. Hopefully the fights can still be as quick as they can be now, or fewer in numbers I guess. Because I can imagine it becoming a drag too.

The action gameplay in the previous games was great for beating up regular goons in random battles, but it falls apart real bad in the boss fights since the majority of your combat options become useless and you just have to trade weak blows with these immovable health sponges. And it becomes a nightmare the moment you start getting enemies with handguns.

A fully turn-based system gives more potential for strategy in those tougher fights. And if it’s even a fifth as dynamic as that April Fool’s clip, there’s a lot of potential for great action-comedy moments.


Speaking as someone who adores ham-fisted diegetic justifications for things, making the combat turn-based because the protagonist is such a huge Dragon Quest dork that he just interprets real life fights in that vein is such a silly and ridiculous and kind of brilliant framing device that I have zero issues with this change. (Look forward to my upcoming critical games studies essay: “How Yakuza Fight: An Epistemological Analysis of Punching between Kazuma Kiryu and Ichiban Kasuga”)

Not to mention that, frankly, as far as their foundations go, just about every Yakuza game is the same game with various tweaks and respective narrative concerns. They’re all okay, yet very stylish, brawlers where sometimes you play as someone who isn’t Kiryu, or sometimes the arcades will have different games to play. If the devs want to take their seven+ game series and start anew with a different central character, then now’s a perfect time to play around with new foundational mechanics.

Granted, my acceptance of this change might just be because combat in the Yakuza games always felt like a means to continue the story/see the over-the-top heat actions rather than something I genuinely enjoyed by itself.

Sidenote: Can we please talk about this dude’s hair? I feel like this is a very important topic that’s being wrongfully overlooked.


Ichiban Kasuga with short hair is pretty powerful too.

I own 0, Kiwami, and 6 because of decent Amazon deals and still haven’t played them at all, but this news is wild enough that it really makes me want to start. Too bad we’re getting deep into new video game season now and I’m working on like four other games.

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I have to say I think they did a great job improving the boss fights in the three games in the new engine though. They feel awesome and all of your little evasive moves and counters and things can work in them. And they give you a ton of tools for dealing with stuff however you want (even if you just want to chug healing items and do heat moves repeatedly which is fine because the heat moves are great :smiley: ). I really do hope we get one more game with action controls in the new engine for that.

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Maybe if Yakuza can go to turn-based gameplay than franchises that abandoned it for no reason can go back.

(Looking at you, Final Fantasy. It isn’t too late. Come home to me, bb. I still love you…)


This game’s got environmental hazards, a job system, diaper gang summons, kart racing, AND a laser satellite? Sign me up!

Edit: Apparently you change jobs by going to Hello Work, a real life, state-run Japanese employment agency, which… /chef’s kiss


I love the part in that trailer where the excavator (which looks like it’s probably a boss) roars like it’s a fuckin’ Metal Gear.


I’m completely biased as a huge Yakuza and JRPG fan but… this looks amazing?

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That looks really cool, yeah. I kinda want to play every Yakuza game, but that would take approximately one million years.