Ya'll ever stop and think about how much Carth from Kotor sucks?


{Carth looks like he wants to tell you something}

“Carth, what’s up buddy?”

“I can’t tell you because I don’t trust you.”

“Ok. Well, keep me…”

“It all started when my father didn’t come to my baseball game…”


I spend about as much time thinking about Carth as the game takes to give me enough characters that I never have to put him in my party again.


This is what I spend all my Battle Meditations thinking about


Nah man it’s not like I was feverishly slamming the “Murder Kaiden” option as soon as it appeared in Mass Effect for this reason or anything.


Carth sucks, but Jolee is pretty much the best cranky dad ever, so I think it evens out.


How about in KOTOR 2 when they are like, “Look who’s back!” and it’s like, really? Of all people this is the guy you get back in the booth for another scene?


Carth is fine because it turns out he was the only party member besides Jolee who had a brain.

But he’s only just fine. He only stands out because half of the cast is so disposable. Only HK, Canderous, and Jolee are any good, and I barely count HK because his whole thing is just ripping off Bender but poorly. He’s better in 2 when Obsidian made him a character (shame most of it is hidden in the dark path).


Yeah, but then you’re stuck with Ashley.


Turns out Kaiden is pretty cool in 3. Ashley’s space racism just gets kind of buried and they hope you never remember it.


That was the exact reason why I choose Kaiden in ME. Carth was such a pain in KotOR.


Anyone who picked to sacrifice Kaiden just because he and Carth share a voice actor made a mistake, and I’ll take that opinion to the grave. Ashley might be my least favourite ME party member.

Also Carth is fine because most of KOTOR’s cast is just fine.


But a pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist! /s

It’s uncanny how close Ashley hews to the people that embrace those kinds of ideologies and I’ve always wondered whether that was intentional or not


Also, keeping Kaiden alive means I get more than one option as a Shepard who’s a gay dude, which is nice.


Fair point. I should say that I have played those games so many times that Kaiden has done his fair share of surviving, and yeah, I agree that he’s pretty good in 3.


You know who’s good though? KOTOR2’s “Not Carth” guy.


Atton Rand?

Wonder what that guy’s all about.


Guy counts cards in his head, to block mind reading, which is badass


Carth is the guy two cubicles down who doesn’t understand that arguing isn’t flirting


Atton Rand is about one thing and one thing only.

Pure. Pazaak.


Hey come on. Old Carth has been through a lot. His whole family was killed when the Sith bombed…

Oh right yeah… he does have a habit of going on and on about it.

“That’s alright Carth, I understand, how about you go back to the Ebon Hawk and wait for us there. We three jedi will go exploring for a bit. Three lightsabres are better than two right? And I really want Bastilla to like me, I think a few more dialogues will really break down some walls. You Understand. Help a brother out?”