Y'all like Titanfall?


Anybody have tips for how to “git gud.” I have really enjoyed the movement and the shooting in titanfall 2, but I’m terrible at fps games. On easy I can’t get past the part the small bomb enemies show up in the second level. I really want to see the rest of the game but gosh I suck.


Is this the big room where BT is separated from you and you have to kill time until he can join you and help? I remember struggling with this too.

I can’t say much about specific strategies, but its easy in the campaign to get quickly overwhelmed with the enemies. Especially with the small bomb ones, keep moving and using the wall jumps to get them to line up behind you as they try and keep up. Then stop every now and then and take out the closest ones. When your invisibility charges up, use that to reposition yourself at a greater distance.

I think it’s tempting to take cover, but the bombs overwhelm you so fast that constantly moving is almost always the better bet.

Hope that helps! Curious what other people would suggest, too.


One thing I can say is that the slide preserves some momentum after you come off a wall run, so using that to chain wall jumps can increase your speed quite a lot. For that part specifically, don’t be afraid to hole up for a little bit and concentrate on killing the ticks, and then move when they’re too much for you.


In a game about movement with sliding and wall running I don’t know why it never occurred to me that backing in to a corner and standing still was not the best method to avoid getting overwhelmed.


Patch notes for the new DLC are out. I cut out the maps and the new execution that were already mentioned and CTF HUD adjustments.


  • 3rd weapon slot added for Pilots.
  • All Pilots can now equip a primary, secondary, and anti-titan weapon.
  • The 2nd weapon or 3rd weapon can be either pistol or anti-titan weapon, based on your loadout.

Console Players:
Press Y or Triangle to swap to your 2nd weapon.
Hold Y or Triangle to swap to your 3rd weapon.

PC Players:
Use 1, 2, 3 keybindings to change weapons.

  • New Featured Mode: Free Agents.

Free-for-all with a twist. Collect 3 batteries to call in a Titan. Battery locations are placed around the map. Pilots drop batteries on death.

  • Titan Brawl now added as permanent mode in mixtape matchmaking.
  • Titan Damage in now tracked in the scoreboard.
  • More Private Match settings.

  • Round / Score Limit
  • [Round] Time Limit
  • Pilot Boosts [On, Off]
  • Pilot Boost / Titan Meter Multiplier [25% to 500%]
  • Pilot Boost / Titan Meter Overdrive [On, Off, Only]
  • Pilot Health [25% to 500%]
  • Respawn Delay [0 to 40] seconds
  • Titan Core Meter Multiplier [25% to 500%]
  • PC only: chat box is back


  • Evac ship will now leave immediately once all living players are onboard.
  • Additional performance optimizations on Xbox One.
  • Added an easter egg to Glitch.


  • Fixed exploit on Exoplanet where players could get under the map.
  • Fixed bug where stealing a battery from a rodeo would not give player any Titan meter.
  • Fixed issue in CTF where the flag would appear to be unreturnable.
  • Fixed issue with Legion shield not appearing sometimes.
  • Fixed a couple spots on Eden where Pilots were able to hide inside geometry.
  • Fixed issue with Tone where reload would happen during her execution.
  • Addressed issue where Pilots couldn’t enter evac while in phase state when using Phase Shift. The trigger to enter the evac will now be activated when the player exits phase state.
  • Monarch no longer gets two Electric Smokes when using her Upgrade Core.
  • Fixed issue where Ronin Prime execution played wrong audio.


Thank you for all the feedback with last patch’s High TTK experimental mode. There were thousands of comments across multiple communities and we’re still debating the pros and cons of different changes. This upcoming patch, we’ll be running another balance test focused around aim-assist adjustments. Our plan is to combine lessons learned from both tests in DLC 7, so console and controller players please send us your feedback.


Hah, good! Nothing worse than the entire team sitting defenseless in the evac ship, waiting to be exploded.


I’m guessing July’s update will be Frontier Defence? Long time coming.


The DLC accidentally went out early for PS4 users. There’s two more significant changes not already mentioned. [Amped Weapons only last 30 seconds] (https://www.reddit.com/r/titanfall/comments/6jrxvv/as_you_can_see_there_is_a_timer_for_amped_weapons$) and [stepping on Stalkers does significant damage to your Titan.] (https://www.reddit.com/r/titanfall/comments/6js3qz/psa_stepping_on_stalkers_now_does_huge_damage_to)

There are also comments that say some High TTK changes went in, including Phase Shift only having 1 charge.


Whoa, those all sound pretty significant to not include in the patch notes… I’d be down with the Amped Weapons time limit if that meant it carried over any untimely deaths, so that you got to use it for a full 30 seconds.

The stalkers thing, yikes. I’m going to have to learn that the hard way. I will say that stalkers had lost some of their intimidation factor in the multiplayer, but this is more on the annoying side.


DLC Trailer:


I was playing a week ago and was playing against a real co-ordinated squad. Each had phase shift and a couple of charges and man that got confusing. You’d pop off a couple of shots, and they’d disappear. I got utterly annihilated …


An update has been pushed that balances how much damage Stalkers deal in MP and their explosion damage from being stepped on by Titans.

Anyone have thoughts on War Games? The wall running lanes are probably one of the most fun elements in a map I’ve seen in the game. I don’t think it’s as great overall as Glitch, but there’s still some fun platforming opportunities available.


War Games has been pretty fun so far, I like how open ended it is. Glitch is just so smooth for parkour though.


War Games always had that pilot/titan killzone in the centre. I always stuck to the periphery with mid-range weapons, maybe risk a fly through through the centre dropping satchel charges.


EPG + Stim Boost + Mozambique + Firestar

Hotrocket class. Boosting and RPG shots to the face. Makes the game go full Quake.

Titanfall 2 is awesome . If y’all got it on Xbone we should totally play


I recently started using the EPG. Ho boy, is it fun. When you get a streak, you literally feel the other team recognising you as a threat and prioritising you as a target. Like “We’ve got to put this guy down.” It’s great up close, but my favourite is when you take out a sniper from miles away. AIM FOR THE FEET!


Playing with an EPG sounds super fun, but I don’t think I could pull off the lead-aiming that it requires since the projectile moves so slowly. Might experiment with a different grenadier main weapon (Cold War?) though, now that i can carry a pistol as a third weapon backup for more precise shots.


wait so do we have a clan going? would love to jump back in.


I can vouch that there’s a Waypoint network (WYPT, happy hour at 10pm EST) on PS4. I never see more than two other people in it at the same time, though. Is that any of you good people? My PSN’s the same as my username, so I’m easy enough to find.


Started playing again and the game is still a lot of fun! Anyone have any advice on how to play the new titan?