Y'all like Titanfall?


I loved Titanfall 2’s single player. So much so that despite my general lack of interest in PvP multiplayer games, I am excited for whatever this might be.


Looks like it’s up on all platforms now.


Oh, so he WAS on assignment after all.

Gerstmann’s look here is a big ass mood if you’re me and not totally on board with battle royale but really like Titanfall


anybody tried it yet?

stuck at work


Haha, it drops literally right when I go to work. Damn


Also, it looks like titan fall 3 is not being worked on. Damn


That video was suspiciously short of any actual TITANS, though?


Still holding out for my secret plan: Release Titanfall 2 again and just act like the first time didn’t happen


I’m playing it on the PS4 over here in the UK. It’s… a hybrid between a battle royale, an overwatch class based hero team shooter with a bit of rainbow six teambased tactics thrown in there. I’ve played a few matches and I’ve been having fun with it, it feels quite accessible but very tactical and it’s dead easy to pick up and play with strangers, you can spot enemies and mark pickups. Like Titanfall 2 it feels immense to play, shooting feels great and all the weapons from TF2 are pretty much here. They still have the crouch slide and you go real fast when you slide down hills, which is great. One of the classes has a grappling hook. First impressions are: I don’t think any F2P game has felt this slick.

But no titans… no wall running… Just read that there is no Titanfall 3 in development and that’s kind of bummed me out. Like a lot.

Sounds as if they were really cajoled into doing this by EA. I guess it doesn’t mean TF3 won’t happen, but it’s a long way off potentially. Who knows what they do with this game’s future. Based on the tactical team based approach, I wouldn’t be surprised if they re-introduced titans later. Maybe a class who can wall run?


sure. okay, fine



F this anti-wall running, anti-double jumping world, tbh.

Let my shooter people bunny hop and strafe jump again, cowards.


The no double jump has really thrown me for a loop. I really like how the skills work adds a new layer of tactics that can plan for which I prefer to the way Blackout used drops.


It’s good. But it’s just NOT Titanfall. It’s more ground based. I definitely don’t feel as if I’m flying around the battlefield.

F this anti-wall running, anti-double jumping world, tbh.

Wall running sucked in Call of Duty but not Titanfall god damn it.


And you just KNOW Titanfall 3’s being held over a boiling tar pit with this games success as its lifeline


Wait there is no wall running or double jumping? But why???


Does anyone else think that they (accidentally?) copied Fat Boy Slim’s Right Here Right Now for their customisation menu music?!
Example clip from Giant Bomb’s look at Apex Legends.

Shout-outs to Giant Bomb user mellotronrules for helping me pinpoint what song it reminded me of.


Is it just me or are Bloodhound and Gibraltar a little, uh, “broad” in terms of character design?


Skimming that Eurogamer article… it sounds like they are doing some fun things with the BR formula. Enough that I’m definitely interested in taking a look, despite missing the Titans.

It’s free to play, so… loot boxes? Item shop?


Overwatch style loot boxes giving out cosmetics. There are two characters that are locked, think you can spend money to unlock them early.


The loot box screen gives a lot of info to comply with some of the recent laws going into place in some countries however it is a little oddly explained. Here’s a screenshot of the loot box screen when the press saw it last week (so someone please correct me if any text has changed in the final release).

Firstly, It gives the Probabilities in terms of “AT LEAST one” meaning while it says:

  • Rare or Better = 100%
  • Epic or Better = 24.8%
  • Legendary item = 7.4%

Which actually means that:

  • Rare(s) - i.e. No Epic or Legendary = 75.2%
  • Epic(s) - i.e no Legendary = 17.4%
  • Legendary(ies) = 7.4%

I think the use of “AT LEAST” values make the chances of an Epic look better than it is and will make the chance of something better than a Rare seem more likely than it is. Since many people will automatically think they can add the Legendary and Epic values, they’ll assume a total chance of 32.2% (i.e. about 1 in 3) rather than the actual 24.8% (i.e. about 1 in 4) chance for a drop better than a Rare.

Plus, it states that:

  • Guarantees at least one Legendary item drop for every 30 packs

Which is is slightly confusing since it doesn’t specify how they are guaranteeing that. For instance, let’s say you don’t get a Legendary 29 times in a row, then you can expect the 30th pull to drop a Legendary.

Suppose however that you get a Legendary on your first pull, then don’t get one in the next 29 - can you assume you will get another one next? If it’s a counter ticking up every time you pull without a Legendary (i.e. the counter is reset every time a Legendary drops), then you should be guaranteed one.
On the other hand, if it is a check that only occurs at the end of an entire batch of 30 then you aren’t guaranteed one, since you got a Legendary within the first 30 pulls, and have just had your 31st pull which didn’t drop a Legendary. In this latter scenario, you’d have to wait for another 28 pulls without a Legendary to be guaranteed the next one will drop a Legendary.

I made a couple grammar edits for clarity.