Y'all like Titanfall?


I’m assuming there are going to do the same system as hearthstone’s legendary pity timer. Where the base rate is 7.4% and every time you don’t open a legendary your next pick opening Chance goes up some percent until you reach 30 packs when the number reaches 100%. And it resets back to base percent every time you open a legend


I agree that’s the most obvious understanding but it just annoys me how up to interpretation it is. I also think, if they are doing it as a counter, they should reveal to the player where the counter is so they don’t have to keep track of it themselves (for instance, if the player purchases loot boxes sporadically).


I haven’t played Titanfall, but decided to check this out on a whim. I’ve only dabbled in the battle royale space a little bit before with H1Z1, but I’m actually enjoying this quite a bit so far.

I’m a sucker for games with nice feeling traversal, and this game definitely delivers, with a satisfying slide and environment climbing mechanic (though it does sound like I’m missing some of the fun with the lack of wallrunning).

I also wanna shout out the Ping communication/marker system. Now, I’m not usually one for defaulting to voice chat when I play team games, but watching the Waypoint gang play a bunch of Battlegrounds kind of emphasizes how important effective communication is in these games. I know plenty of other shooters have their own versions of this system, but the Ping system in Apex Legends is very versatile and makes it very quick and easy to do things like highlight weapons/ammo, waypoint locations, and give general orders to teammates with the click of a button.

Gonna spend some more time with this in the coming days, but the first few matches I’ve done so far have me pretty pumped.


The ping system RULES! I was playing with randos this afternoon, and I was able to communicate most everything without talking, which was nice.

Overall, it seems really great! It’s the first BR I’ve enjoyed since PUBG!


Okay… I was up until the small hours of the morning playing Apex Legends - with strangers. The ping system makes it so much easier to communicate with people, whether it’s deciding where to go next, marking a rare drop or spotting an enemy. It’s maybe a case of everyone being new to the game and therefore more willing to co-operate and therefore friendlier but the ping mechanic makes it so much easier, at a touch of a button you can help your team mates out.

At one point my team took over this base and basically looted it for some decent equipment. The circle then moved to a location south of us. It was a 2 storey building and we knew there was an enemy up top shooting out. We approached from the rear quietly and honestly - taking that building felt like playing Rainbow Six. We opened doors, sent a grenade in, one of our guys flanked left and we wiped out an entire team. It felt awesome. All of this with complete strangers as well.

Being able to respawn a team mate is also great, it gives you an extra incentive to move out of your secure location towards the end of a game.

I had another excursion where two of us were holed up on top of a building in the centre of the circle. After one firefight in which we lost a guy things got quiet and we decided to revive our ally, which meant me leaving the rooftop whilst the other covered with the triple shot sniper rifle (pretty sure TF2 was a double shot, but it’s a cool ass idea for a sniper rifle).

As I was running, two squads appeared out of nowhere. My guy at top was able to give me direction and draw their fire, whilst I resurrected our comrade. I had to wait for the drop ship to come to drop him off at which point I was stuck behind a rock with just enemy fire drilling me from all sides. All the while I could hear my sniper buddy’s fire just wailing on the bad guys and giving me guidance on what direction they were at. Eventually our revived ally comes back. I chuck him my second weapon - an LMG and we just fucking run back all guns blazing. Our sniper buddy marks an enemy over this sandy hill. Sure enough the enemies come running over and we’re ready for them. Tear them apart with combined fire.

Again, it all feels awesome.

You have that slick Titanfall combat at 60fps, you have the general tension and fear of open spaces of PUBG and then the high octane localised tension of Rainbow Six. The game seems well designed for these kinds of moments to happen rather than people just holing up in a bathroom somewhere. I think about the time Respawn made the Spec Ops mode for Modern Warfare 2, that was the kind of co-op experience in which you started talking to your buddy in military terms. I’m getting similar vibes from Apex Legends.

Though the art style definitely owes a lot to Overwatch as a cartoonier version of the more grittier looking TF universe, which perhaps makes it more accessible to mass market. The tactical approach of this game feels way beyond what I would expect for a F2P game.

And the way you can execute downed enemies? :kissing::ok_hand:


Maybe titanfall content for Apex Legends but still…


Apparently it’s a new premium game in the Titanfall universe (aka not Titanfall 3):

earlier in his twitter thread he quotees EA that Respawn has 2 distinct teams now (one is working on Star Wars), but I would think they’d need a 3rd if they’re going to be supporting Apex Legends as well.


You like games with nice feeling traversal and haven’t played Titanfall yet? The movement in Titanfall is so good You need to play Titanfall/Titanfall 2.


im about to pull the trigger on buying TF2 since its seen a bit of a player injection thanks to thank dirty BR hype money

is there a waypoint clan or similar happening to play with? id love to join some pilots for some of that action


If you’re like me and missed the train on Titanfall 2, then, after falling in love with Apex Legends, realized that you made a mistake missing Respawn’s previous title, fear not! Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition is on sale on the PS Store for $9.89 ($7.49 for PS+ members)!


Y’all it’s worth picking up for the story and co-op horde mode they added. That horde mode was better than it had any right to be for a free update.