Y'all make podcasts?

I guess this is sort of in the vein of “Podcast Recommendations” but I want to know what podcasts you people are on! Let me release the burden of wanting-to-promote-your-work-but-not-having-a-polite-way-of-doing-so!

Also, while you’re here, I am responsible for the following podcasts:

With Acknowledgement To The Classic - My co-host and I pick a random episode of a show we’ve never seen before and dive in, sight unseen.

20 GOTO 10 - A rewatch & recap podcast covering AMC’s “Halt And Catch Fire,” a really cool and under-watched show! (We find our stride after the first couple low-key episodes. The show’s worth watching, either way!)


Please keep in mind that we expect all shows linked to here to uphold to our community standards!


I’m a co-host on The Skiffy and Fanty Show, which was a Hugo Award finalist for Best Fancast a few years ago. We talk about SF/F books, movies, TV, including ‘Torture Cinema,’ where we subject ourselves to terrible movies and talk about them.

I’m also a co-host on Speculate! but that show is on a small hiatus at the moment, to return soon (crosses fingers). Speculate does interviews with SF/F prose folks, some games and comics material, and specializes in deep dives of SF/F fiction, analyzing craft and interviewing the author.


I am a cohost on 13 Xehanorts, a Kingdom Hearts podcast that sets out to explain everything. we just started chain of memories! updates Wednesdays. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/13-xehanorts-podcast/id1204356627?mt=2


I just started one with a friend where we try to remember how old videogames went in as much detail as possible without doing any research. It’s called Overdrawn At The Memory Bank and it’s here

We’re still figuring all this stuff out but if you’re the RSS-feed needin’ sorta person, this is an RSS feed link

It’s the perfect podcast if you want to hear two brits say um a lot while they try to figure out what happened in a game. Actually, I think the first 2 episodes went pretty well, but time will tell!

Also if anyone’s got any tips for getting this onto various podcast lists and things that will make it searchable on apps and stuff then I’d love the advice.


I’m not on this but an old schoolmate and good friend is on this podcast about video games : http://pixelrater.com/lan-party/

I’ve occasionally considered starting a podcast, but I’m not really sure what’s necessary to get started. Can anyone share some beginner resources?

I sure do make podcasts! A whole lot!

Totally Reprise is a podcast where my Co-hosts Ashley, Luke, and I rewatch the entirety of Totally Spies. This podcast gets very nsfw because Totally Spies is very horny.

Let Me Tell You About Homestuck is kind of a rewatch podcast, except Ashley and I (or Luke and Ashley) (OR JULES AND I) read homestuck together and voice act the entire comic.
The entire comic.

Transmission Radio is a podcast where 3 trans girls (Ashley, Jules, and I) get together once a month to discuss a topic and answer a few questions about our experiences since transitioning or how we decided to. This podcast also gets nsfw and is also very emotionally heavy, because, well, being a trans girl can be very tough!


I do a podcast (or rather, am part of a rotation of hosts these days) with my brother and a friend of ours with the ridiculously overcomplicated title of Please Do Not Turn Off Your Console. It’s over here, and so is the RSS feed. Our early episodes are pretty bad as we figure everything out, but we find our feet somewhere around episode 60. Usually we post every week, but real life has gotten in the way recently - we’ll pick it back up next week.

The main page also has some stream archives on it, because we do streams. Most recently, my brother has been going through Dark Souls 2, and I have been going through Mass Effect 1. It’s all here.

Personally, I use Simplecast, which handles RSS feed creation and gives you a nice clean website. Klepek used it for his Lost Rewatch podcast, back in the day. (It costs like $8/month, less per podcast if you have more than one.)

As for audio recording and editing, I use Audacity (which is free), recording from a Blue Snowball USB mic. We record two people on one mic, which is less than ideal, but it’s worked for us so far.

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I’ve been working on a half-podcast/half-let’s play of the Baldur’s Gate series over on YouTube for about half a year.

We’ve done the first game, Siege of Dragonspear, and we are now a little way into the second game. It’s been a really great experience to take some time with these games, and if you like those games then you will probably enjoy our longform ruminations on the series, role-playing, and the role of the state in a refugee crisis on the Sword Coast.

You can check it out here.


totally reprise is good i recommend it

i wish i had more time to listen to it


I do a podcast with my friends! It’s called Fireside Friends! It’s our little book club-type thing where we choose something to watch, read, or play and discuss it. Doing it has expanded my tastes a lot and has helped me get out of the Gamer Hole that I was in for a while. As it turns out, exploring different art forms is cool and good!

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Hello humans! I do a weekly podcast about PlayStation stuff. It’s me and my best friend doing some goofs, talking about games we played, and some news. Some of our jokes don’t stick but we try not to hurt anyone.

The PlayStation Report


But they’re all in Norwegian, so it wouldn’t be applicable for most of you guys. Specifically Sesongarbeiderne (seasonal workers), we watch seasons (geddit?) of TV shows and talk about them one episode at the time. Started off with Firefly, and recently went through Legion.

What’s up everybody! I am a staff writer for the audiodrama ars PARADOXICA. We’re a Cold War-era time-travel show, starring a woman who zaps herself back to 1943 and promptly into the tail end of WWII on the homefront.

We currently have two full seasons available on iTunes, Stitcher, and multiple other platforms; we just released a mini-ep that I wrote that was previously only available to Patreon backers. We release monthly, and are currently on hiatus for the moment. If you want to start listening, this would be a wonderful time to do so! It’s a big, complicated show but stick with it!

Hey hi I’m the aforementioned Jules! I’m also a co-host of AE’s The Digital Moncast:

And I’ve also frequently guested on the grandpa of AE, Teenagers With Attitude, usually to lend my tokusatsu knowledge as well as to commit burger crimes:


You and your co-host are some brave, brave people, and I applaud your freefall into the mouth of madness.

I’m currently working on scripting the first season of a serialized fiction podcast of my own. I’d love to have a chance to talk about the specific challenges of writing for this genre.

Also, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Ars Paradoxica. I really should give it a spin.

I did a few test podcasts of a show called Daniel Wastes Your Time. The premise of the show was I would just blather about a pointless topic for an hour or so by myself. It was fun and I need to get back to it. Strange alchemy as to what stuff worked and what didn’t.
An hour spent going over every single item in a Denny’s menu, fun times. Trying to describe everything going on in an episode of NCIS, with the sound off, torture.