Y'all make podcasts?


I would honestly love to make a podcast. I’ve put all the time into looking for the best hosting site ans trying to learn how to mix, a mic. I even recorded two episodes of a sports podcast with my friend but I then lost focus and held us up. My friend went on to do other things. I was also trying to create I podcast about comics, anime, movies, music, games but the friend I was trying to create it with was constantly flaking. Leaving me with nothing but concept art and an intro song I bought off someone on soundcloud


I started a film podcast with my two friends. We’re still hashing out the format.

You Heard Good Things

First episode is up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNoKNWx7i6E

Recorded 2nd episode yesterday and I’ve just got to edit and upload it.
I was partly inspired by Patrick’s piece right here on Waypoint on how to start a podcast. That and listening to GB for all these years.


i’ve got a concept for an ttrpg podcast i think would be a lot of fun, sort of a hybrid between your standard actual play podcast and a review podcast, and i’ll probably be starting it this summer if things pan out.
i know some folks think the market for actual play podcasts is a little oversaturated at the moment, but that’s such a silly idea to me, being as the whole point of both APPs and podcasts in general is getting peoples’ unique takes on them. like, just bc there’s a lot of books already doesn’t mean its pointless to make new books, yknow? theres so many good books just waiting to happen! except the books are nerds making high fantasy dick jokes


I was on the Indie MEGACAST, the Indie MEGABOOTH’s podcast, which is unfortunately no more but is still worth listening to imo if you need a recommendation for a dope indie game to play (or very not dope game to play).


Thinking about doing another podcast maybe, but I also really like my free time so we’ll see!


There is a thriving community of podfriends out there! I’d be happy to chat about the writing, since time travel is probably the hardest subgenre. Many lessons learned.


I’ve been putting out a podcast called Honourable Mentions,

The concept of the show is for me to chat with guests who have interesting ideas & thoughts about video games and speak to them about a game that would not necessarily make their greatest games of all time list but really does, in their eyes, deserve an Honourable Mention for whatever reason.

I’ve had some amazing guests join me for season 1 of the show including Justin McElroy (Polygon), Julian Murdoch (Gamers with Jobs) & Laura Dale (LetsPlayVideoGames).

Here’s The iTunes and RSS link if you’d like to listen to which games my guests chose as their hidden gem game:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-ai-bots/id509872529?mt=2

Rss: http://theaibots.libsyn.com/rss


I co-host a movie podcast called After The Hype, and we discuss movies after the hype cycle has died down and people have moved on to the next big thing. Last week we took a look back at Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion for its 20th Anniversary and this week we’re talking about Rogue One.

One thing that we do that I particularly enjoy is we have our guests do 30 second breakdowns of the films we’re talking about. Many of our guests succeed, but sometimes we get some really fun and unique failures. For Romy and Michele, we had our two guests breakdown the movie at the same time.

I put all those up on our FB and YouTube pages.


Me and my mate just left games retail and were kind of worried about how the lack of being able to chat all day about games will impact our enjoyment of them so decided to start up a podcast with some others. Got the first episode recorded, but any tips for the future would be sweet!

Actually just put the first episode up here: https://bleepingsickness.wordpress.com/2017/05/02/podcast-episode-1-the-one-about-2017-so-far/


I do a show with a friend of mine, Calvin, who makes music online as “hellstar.plus”.

It’s called Ballet Mécanique, it’s a book-club style show about mecha anime, “giant robots, and the lovers within”. We’re currently watching through and talking about Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven!


welllll right now I’m part of All Along the Watchtower, a DCAU rewatch podcast where we watch eps of batman: the animated series, batman beyond, justice league, et al, and then make a bunch of puns (and occasionally offer marginally insightful observations on the eps). We’re also on the aforementioned audio entropy network which is just good all around, poke around there y’all

I also did a couple of eps of a “one” man lo-fi comedy mess called Talk! that I keep meaning to return to. One ep in particular may be of interest to forum users here


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I do a wrestling podcast called We Don’t Know Wrestling that is going to be coming back from break in a couple weeks. The podcast is about as niche as niche can be and is heavily inspired by Wrestling Twitter culture (the less toxic parts I like to believe). Often leading to wild tangents and some in-depth discussions about the art form. Podcasting has always been a highly enjoyable hobby. I’ll never make a dime but being able to focus on something I enjoy for an hour or two a week and discuss it is deeply rewarding.

You can find one of my personal favorite recent episodes about backyard wrestling here: https://soundcloud.com/wwwaudio/we-dont-know-wrestling-yarding-for-dummies-by-dummies


I host two running podcasts. Neither is very popular, but I like making them. :slight_smile:

Stuff Weekly - Myself and three co-hosts look at weird news stories and other strange things we stumble upon each week. There’s a new episode every Tuesday with over 300 episodes recorded.

Cartridge Blowers - A bi-weekly video show where myself and two friends play games we’ve never played before based around a theme. I recommend any of our Nick Arcade challenge episodes, where we take bite-sized viewer challenges. Also our opening from episode 100 on is killer.

I also do a third podcast that I actually edit which is on semi-hiatus called Event Fatigue. Basically it works like a book club for comic book event series. We started with Secret Wars, moved on to Civil War, and should have Infinity Gauntlet out soon-ish. It’s a bit longer, with each episode being around three parts of 50 minutes each.

I’d be much appreciated if any of you fine folks would give my stuff a try. :slight_smile:


Just gotta say, it’s kind of great to see so many podcasters in this fine group of people! Kudos, y’all. :smile:


I’m about to relaunch one of my podcasts, Fulltime HEL, about startups here in Helsinki. Here’s the soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/gregorypellechi/sets/fulltime-hel since I’ve moved sites and haven’t updated the RSS feed with iTunes. I took a break to create one for an organization here in Finland. It’s called The Duck Pond and is about integrating in Swedish (Finland’s other official language). Don’t worry The Duck Pond is primarily in English, though bits are in Swedish and it can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/kommuntorget/sets/the-duck-pond.


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Y’know, I didn’t expect deep-cut Phantom Menace references when I started this thread, but… meesa likey.


Hey there! My name is Chris. I co-host an actual play podcast focused on critical worldbu- nah just joking. We do have an actual play podcast though!

We started with 4e, and in our three year run up to now we have done Star Wars, Dungeon World, 5e, 13th age, Blades in the Dark, and many more.

We are currently running a megacampaign (I called it that because we have like 25 potential players?) And we have different people each session as they all work to make a name for their…currently still nameless adventuring company

We are always welcoming new blood!

If you want to check out our site, head to www.thatdndpodcast.com

If you want to join the campaign, head to


People have mostly talked about mine (LMTYAHS, TransMissionRadio, Totally Reprise) but I host a few others because I’ve got a problem

Let Me Tell You About Evangelion is a podcast about the landmark anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and my love for it and my co-host Luke’s confusion at it.

Cosmic Call is another podcast I make with Luke. It’s a comedy improv show about a radio show broadcast from a distant space station. It’s hosted by an ex-actor plant lady, a copier that has gained sentience and the mysterious and quiet sound guy. Together they deal with news stories, impromptu surgeries and cosmic horror.

Burger’s at Pops
is a show about the CW show Riverdale because it’s the best show in the world and I love the world of Archie and his stupid decisions.