Y'all make podcasts?


The Sample Study

I do a solo podcast specifically focused on taking one sample and one song that sampled it per week, researching the history and trivia behind both sample and song, and then remaking the song step-by-step to show how the sample was technically done. It’s kind of hip-hop focused right now but I’ll eventually branch out. I just really love sampling. I take requests, too.

Episode 2 drops on Thursday, and I’m on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, all of that. :slight_smile:


oh dang, this sounds like a really strong concept


Thanks! I just hit upon it one day as the perfect way to do the sampling research I wanted and become a geek about some of my favorite songs, while still getting something productive out there. Also have this really nice mic I almost never use because I quit rapping, and liked the idea of a completely controlled one-man studio podcast.


My friends and I host a video game show called Fans of the Genre. We publish every Monday. We just released our 25th episode! It’s the longest I’ve ever committed to a personal project like this. Pretty proud of it.

It’s a straightforward, laid-back conversational show about games. We try to explain why we feel the way we do. RSS feed here, Apple Podcasts here.


I do a comic book podcast with two other awesome dudes called the Comics Dash, we talk about the week’s new releases, general topics of interest, and just try to have a good time. We’re coming up on episode 50 (and our one year anniversary!), so that’s exciting. Here’s a link to the latest episode, if you’re interested: http://wethenerdy.com/comics-dash-47-its-about-every-dc-book/


I have a Spanish language podcast about politics, games and SFF literature called International House of Hot Takes :smile:


I am GM ( and producer/composer/editor/person with no free time any more ) for an actual play podcast called Crudely Drawn Swords in which I try to play things straight while four of the funniest people I know make terrible decisions and improbably low dice roles, rendering all my endeavours futile. We’re playing Dungeon World which is pretty well suited to our particular form of nonsense and though I do say so myself we are a fairly consistent source of the lols.


I’m part of a podcast called Transmediacrity. It’s a weird show where two trans girls talk about media and goof off.


I’m the host of a podcast called We Thought About Games! I get a selection of guests who have some degree of history with a game and we talk about it in the context of when it came out along with how it holds up. I try to pick games that have name recognition, but not necessarily a deep dive in podcast form that someone could listen to so they could know what it’s all about.

It’s a really difficult format for me to work with (hence why I’m currently working on episode 5 after 2 years) but I think the end result is worthwhile. The episodes run fairly long too, but they’re all faster than watching a let’s play (especially of Phantasy Star Online) and I like to think they fill in an untended space. And I did a few streams to tie in with the first couple of episodes, too.

I love my ramshackle podcast child.


I’m on the previously mentioned Teenagers With Attitude, a weekly Power Rangers rewatch podcast, where we regularly turn about 18 minutes of bad children’s television into about two hours of rambling nonsense. But it’s fun nonsense!

I’m also on Going Pear Shaped, wherein my friend and I just kind of talk nerd shit every other week.


So if you’ll indulge me a little, we just released a new episode of our podcast this week talking about Rogue One. Pretty happy with how it turned out and our guest, who was awesome and drank our blue milk on air (which you can’t see…)


I am one of the cohosts for the GameEnthus podcast. We are going on 7 years of doing the show, regularly featuring developers, musicians, and players of all type. Check out our latest episode, episode 309, with the Asif, the CEO of ShackNews.


I have a few actually. I’ll post just a couple I think would be most interesting to the people here.

First I have Unranked, which I Host and Produce. We talk about video games, each episode is named after the corresponding Pokedex entry, make jokes and have a variety of podcast games we play. We also drink, and trash talk each other and have fun. Our latest episode we did a power hour and we are doing a Mario kart 8 Delux giveaway.

Another show I am Producing which I am really proud of is brand new. It’s The Broad Cast. The Broad Cast features interviews with artists, performers and the like who have been featured at The Broad Stage here in LA. We just did an awesome interview with Lee Berger who is a Paleoanthropologist.

I have a few others, I own and run www.zyteheist.com which I am relaunching next week, We have Spoiler Cunts, Zyte Heist, Wishboning and a few others in pre-production. These two above I think the audience here would like the most so that’s why I shared those.

I’ll be sure to check out many of the others in here!


I have been listening to every episode of Speculate since the beginning since you posted this and yall have done some great work on that thing (although you can tell that the former debater was definitely a debater).


I’ve got two whole podcasts!

My latest one is The Other Half. My roommate and I watch two halves of the same movie and try to piece together the plot. Funnily enough, our latest episode was on Street Fighter. If you want to listen I recommend just picking a movie you don’t mind spoiled, because we go explain the entire plot… sometimes poorly. Our earlier episodes are a bit problematic, just a fair warning, but we’ve grown and changed a lot over the last two years and try to not make snide jokes.

I’m also on pixelegends.com, which is a video game podcast. We have a pretty cool section where we watch trailers and rate the best one we’ve seen this week. It’s mostly just fun to talk about video games with friends on this one.


Wow, thanks! So glad you’re enjoying the show. Greg and Brad got it running, but I’ve been very happy being able to contribute as well.


Oh whoa, are you not on the episodes yet? Are you telling me that there is a MST3K-style coup?


Hey all, I have a podcast! It’s called Superhero Assembly Line, and we make superheroes out of random Wikipedia pages.

There are three hosts: a journalist, a radio announcer and an art student, and we do a lot of worldbuilding and comedy a la Cool Games Inc., The Adventure Zone and Friends At The Table. We’re almost 40 episodes in, and it’s best if you start from the beginning (for references sake) but you can honestly jump in anywhere. We accept episode suggestions, and we’re even trying to bring fans into the show if they tweet at us (@SHAssemblyLine)

Here are some links!

Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud


a couple friends of mine (and fellow poster @wyattsalazar) run a video games podcast based on leftist and trans-centric critique called Video Game Hell: https://vghell.podbean.com/

i’ve been included in a spin-off series of theirs called Tabletop Hell, where we’ve been doing a session set in a post-furry planet using the Apocalypse World engine. episode 1 is available here: https://vghell.podbean.com/e/tabletop-hell-episode-1-city-lover-city-rider/


I am on the later episodes. Greg and Brad interviewed me on the show before I joined as a co-host. My first name is Mike. Happy listening!