Y'all make podcasts?


My friend Jackson and I have just started a new podcast where we go track by track through Coheed and Cambria’s discography to talk about the awful lore behind each song and the often fantastic music that goes along with it that has almost nothing to do with that lore! You can listen to the Amory Score here!


Molly, why does the man want to kill his wife very much?


he just

he just really wants to kill his wife, and the third album is definitely just about that, and it’s very uncomfortable sometimes! dude hates women whether he knows it or not!


This is a bit far afield from the other podcasts I have seen in this thread, but I am the creator of a non-fiction history podcast covering the events of World War 1 in (roughly) chronological order.

It is called History of the Great War and I am currently covering the events of 1917.


I’m going to add to the chronology-style podcasts with mine and my best bud’s podcast The Spacey Space, a film-by-film analysis of/goof-off about Kevin Spacey’s career featuring a rolling cast of very nice Wellington New Zealand arts people. Swimming With Sharks is the worst movie ever


A buddy and I just started a new podcast called Drop Zone. It’s a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds podcast. We cover news, community highlights, and emails. iTunes link is here if you’re interested - http://apple.co/2qSu9Vf.

Check it out if you are playing PUBG. We also have a Discord channel setup if you guys want to play sometime.


I make podcasts! I’m a psych professional and tech enthusiast and I host 3 shows:

Geek Therapy: A weekly show about how Geek Culture can save the world. Right now we are focused on how media can be relatable and how that relatability can be used for good in mental health, education, and more.

Headshots: A psychology and gaming show we publish every two weeks.

PsychTech: A psychology and technology show we publish every two weeks.

We have a network with 6 shows, if you’re interested in psychology, mental health, and Geek culture


we just put out an extremely out-of-the-ordinary episode for us: a 3-hour-long Kemono Friends spoilercast/theorycast

very much a labour of love for me personally as it’s been my mission this year to spread this truly incredible anime around as much as i can


I’m hoping this can also maybe function as a bit of a talking shop thread for people what make podcasts.

To that end: What do you all do to make the process of editing less tedious?


Honestly, editing gets less tedious the less you do of it. I prefer a podcast that isn’t edited to all hell, so for my podcast I just attach the theme song at the beginning and an outtro at the end. Easy peasy and the podcast sounds fine. I do make it a point to use actual condenser mics with pop screens to make the first pass sound pretty good.

Also, my podcast, the Best Buds Podcast, has me and my two cousins sampling a different strain of (legal!) marijuana each week while we talk about whatever came up that week. We sometimes talk video games, but it’s certainly not the focus.


I have found nothing. I mean, I quite enjoy editing because I have to edit the show pretty hard to make it into something anyone human would want to listen to so I’m always busy, but it is mostly a matter of spending the time to do the job.

I guess the biggest thing is learning the keystrokes for everything I want to do - I use Audacity, but the same will apply to any tool- every time you have to use your mouse, you are wasting time…


I make a podcast! It’s about anime. We pick a series and watch it and talk about it every other episode. On the off-weeks it’s just a typical wuchawachin. The main host, Ben, is fairly knowledgeable about the industry and loves to look up things like directors and animators. I’m not that smart, but he does a good job.

I absolutely detest editing, but I’m the only one who will do it. I’ve come to the point where I very rarely edit content, and just focus on cleaning up the tracks, which I find much more tolerable. I wish I liked it. I know I don’t. It’s the worst. I’m envious of people who do like it. It’s why thus far our release schedule has been so erratic, because I take forever to edit, because I dread it so much. I’m committed to being more timely from here on out, but…

But worse than editing is getting the word around. I have no idea how to make people care!!! (Being regular sure would help, I’m sure.)


I didn’t have a podcast when this thread was first making the rounds but since then I’ve started doing a podcast with my brother.
It’s called Please Won’t You Be My Podcast and it’s two guys with only dim memories of Mister Rogers Neighborhood watching each of the broadly released episodes in order and discovering that the show was a fair bit stranger than we remembered. New episodes every Monday, next Monday will be episode five where we wrap up the first week of Mister Rogers Neighborhood which has primarily been about King Friday’s literal war on change.

Catch it here or on iTunes


Well, since you asked.

I am co-host of a weekly video game podcast called Press A Repeatedly, which I started with my best friend about 4 months ago. We discuss which games we’ve been playing throughout the week, and we occasionally have guests (our friends for the time being), quiz each other on gaming knowledge, and discuss many different aspects of gaming.

We also have a segment called Indie Arcade where each week one of us challenges the other to play an indie game of our choosing, and then the next week we report back on our experience while giving the other a new game to play, and so on. It’s probably the greatest video game podcast of all time, but then again, I’m biased.

The show is on iTunes, Google Play, and Podbean (Podbean link above).


I’m only two episodes in, but I’m already loving your podcast!

I’ve never been able to talk to any other Coheed fans about my frustrations with the story. In my experience they always treat the concept like a divine gift from a prophet of art, so I’m super excited that the two of you are discussing all of the problematic stuff in it! I’m looking forward to hearing more!


Ahhhh thank you! The lore is…bad, and it’s real rough reading these comics from ten years ago given what’s in them, but it’s also a lot of fun to tear apart so I’m glad you’re having fun 'cause we are too. :slight_smile:


I’ve found some good stuff I’m looking forward to listening to in this thread. Thanks for sharing, everybody!

This seems like a good place to plug one of my favorite tools: HFDF (huffduffer) is a web service that provides you with a personal RSS feed that you subscribe to in your podcast player. Then you use that RSS feed as an ad-hoc podcast collector, so that when you encounter something you want to listen to while browsing around the web or twitter or whatever, you run the bookmarklet and it pops up a window that discovers the filename and other metadata, and sends it all to your personal feed so that the new podcast episode appears next time your podcast player refreshes. No need to find the podcast in your player app or iTunes directory! It offers some light social features where you can aggregate other users’ feeds, too, in order to subscribe to people who are collecting things you might like. It’s super cool.


Hi Ashley! I first off wanted to say I love listening to your podcasts, but the actual reason for this post was I can’t find any way to use audioentropy to ppst my own podcast if you wouldn’t mind helping me out?


Hi! My name is Kobuddy, and me and a group of friends run a wrestling recap podcast named Sights Uncena: https://twitter.com/SightsUncena

Currently we are just on Youtube, located here. But due to a very generous friend, we are currently prepping to get set up on Podbean.

The premise of our podcast is that one of us watches Smackdown (JetGrind), another watches RAW (ZenScissors), and then I watch nothing. JetGrind and Zen then explain what happened that week, and in general it’s a lot of fun. We also tend to not take it incredibly seriously, as we frequently find ourselves going off on several different tangents. It’s also a podcast where you don’t really need to be into wrestling to enjoy; Zen frequently uses fighting game terminology or some other obscure references to describe what happened. In general it’s more of a bit more of a wrestling-themed comedy podcast.

Give it a listen, and if you like, give us a follow on twitter! And spread the word, we only just recently launched our patreon, but we’re still new to this.


I run two podcasts right now, soon to be three if all goes right. The first, IndieCent, is a general games cast that focuses on indie and obscure retro gaming (Microids counts as obscure for US audiences, darn it!). I currently run it with two friends of mine as the regular panel. Second is Heavy Storms, an anime podcast looking at shows with bad or mixed reputations to see if they’re really that bad and try and figure out how the bad stuff happened. The last series is a work in progress, but it will be a simple chat thing with a rotating cast where the episode host shares something they love with someone else. First episode planned is over SUDA 51’s The Silver Case.

I host all my casts on this channel. (note: we do cuss, and Heavy Storms tends to talk about sexual assault a lot because a LOT of bad anime has such terrible content, IndieCent episodes vary on content based on the game, but I can say for sure the Masochisia episode deserves a lot of warnings for most everything because WOAHH BOY THAT GAME).

By the way, I do all of the editing after the Lamar era of IndieCent on my own. I use Audacity, which is unfortunately not really made for a lot of audio layers. My solution is to sync the voice tracks with clapping before the episode recording starts so I know where the tracks line up, then go through listening and get rid of awkward pauses and such. After, I add the backtrack music. Instead of adding them one by one, which just kills Audacity’s speed, you want to pre-make them as thirty minute long MP3s. Less layers, less slow down. Heavy Storms is easy, have the opening and ending emergency broadcast and sandwich in the music. For IndieCent, I write down times I need to insert audio breaks. This does result in the outro theme sometimes cutting off a track before it ends, but it’s a minor thing few people notice at the volume the music play at. I just use Movie Maker for the rest.

And yes I make the title cards and I am proud of them

IndieCent Title Card

Heavy Storms Title Card