Y'all make podcasts?


I do! It’s a silly pop culture podcast, but we enjoy talking about random topics. It’s kind of a free for all, but some people think it’s pretty entertaining. :slight_smile:



My wife and I run an ultra-low quality horror movie podcast called “For Richer and For Horror” inspired by Patrick Klepek’s “Til Death Do Us Part”. I’d link, but, despite running for two years strong, it is VERY BAD. Excited to check out everyone else’s stuff though!


Me and two of my friends did a cartoon/anime review podcast called The Toon Goons for two years. We had a really good time but I had to leave the show to focus on my art and they just didn’t have it in them to go on without me sadly. If I find myself with more time in my week again I’d love to do another podcast, maybe with them I don’t know where they’ll be at in life, but I watching sometimes Multiple seasons of a show in 1 week just wasn’t sustainable for me. I wish it was. :c

If you see any shows or movies you like in our episode list, check it out! We get spoilery, so that’s always what I’d recommend to new listeners.


Hey, the podcast my friends and I have been working on for the last year is finally live!

It’s a video game book club. It’s like Waypoint 101 (we actually started working on it before 101 was announced) but we play shorter games, come out more frequently and have less insightful hosts and much poorer production quality.

It’s called Bad Playstyle http://badplaystyle.simplecast.fm

I hope I’m not egregiously thread necroing, I’m a little fuzzy on the FDA definitions of such.


I just launched a new podcast/Youtube series called The Writing Game. It’s an examination of how the rules of writing, storytelling and game design can fit together to make more cohesive and interest projects. I started it because while I love all the discussion and analysis on other video game and writing podcast, there was nothing that was more actionable. Not that this is a how-to guide, more here are some theories and ideas to consider when writing and making video games.

That’s the video for the first episode, which is more an introduction to the importance of rules for both the story and the game. You can also find the podcast on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-writing-game/id1349670897?mt=2 New episodes will be released every two weeks.

I’d love some feedback, so please feel free to let me know what you think, what could be improved or what topics you want me to cover.

I also have two other podcasts, one is about startups and tech here in Helsinki called StartupHEL. The other is my personal podcast/Vlog called One Game Dad.


I do not make a podcast, but I was recently featured on MisanthroPop to talk about Doki Doki Literature Club and it was a lot of fun. Definitely check out MP, they’re great!


I’m a part of a fake serial-esque production called All American: A Fake Crime Podcast, which looks at toxic masculinity, among other things. CW: Talks about suicide. Let me know what you think! Chapter 8 just released today!

Here is Chapter One!


I co-host Games of Future Past, a comparative game review podcast where we look at new games and compare them to classics or forgotten oldies that have similar themes or demonstrate evolution of a particular concept.


My wife and I have a podcast called Try a New Thing where we read books, talk about them, and then try new things inspired by those books! This month we’re cooking recipes inspired by the book Relish by Lucy Knisley and next month we’re reading about tattoos and then gonna finally get some ink!


Late to the party as usual but my writing partners & I have been doing a gaming/tech/pop culture podcast for a couple of years now and would love it if y’all checked us out. I’m a big admirer of Waypoint and I think we’re quite compatible with the vibe hereabouts.


A couple of friends and I have a gaming podcast called Glitch Free Gaming. If you want to hear some guys with Scottish accents talking about videogames, we’re one of the podcasts in which that happens.

My girlfriend and I have also been tossing around the idea of doing a book podcast at some point but we just haven’t had time. Maybe in the future though.


In terms of podcast recommendations, Imaginary Worlds is imo the best podcast out there right now. It’s about how fictional worlds/stories are created and the effect they have on people.

I also have my own podcast that I am very proud of. It’s called +7 Intelligence - the podcast about how games impact people. I speak with people who are at the storm front of games influencing the real world - everything from psychologists studying gamers to personal stories of games empowering people. I think that it will fit right in with the Waypoint community.
Season 1 is complete - Season 2 is in the works!


I co-host Hubworld, which is a positive podcast covering games/pop culture. We start each episode with lighter segments where we imagine what it would be like for game characters to date, reimagine what games could be if they added/removed/changed a letter of their titles, and discuss some of the unsolved mysteries in games - just to name a few.

We also will discuss what we are playing, review a movie, or talk about what it’s like to live in a world where Ryan Reynolds is Pikachu. We try to keep it positive amidst all the negativity at every corner of our world - I hope y’all could have as much fun listening as we do creating it!


Hi, y’all! I produce a podcast called “A Little Drive” where my buddy interviews friends and family while driving around Glendale, CA. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody! I make a show where myself and a guest talk about the stories we get from video games: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/adventure-log/id1341168265?mt=2&i=1000401177323

Thanks for the thread! Excited to check these shows out!


My girlfriend and I started that book podcast I mentioned. First episode is up at Kindle Corner

Or itunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/kindle-corner/id1379846359


I started recording a podcast inspired by The Worst Idea Of All Time where I describe the plot of an old movie I saw several months ago to a different person each week. I wanted to see how the story would change by the end, so I’m not taking notes or re-watching the movie until the show is released, and the show isn’t released until I have 52 episodes. I think I’m up to 5 episodes?