Y'all make podcasts?

I do make a podcast! My friends and I had a long weekend where we went from “let’s talk about the best songs of the 80s and 90s” to “we have a 64 seed bracket and have to record a podcast directly inspired by One Song Only.” We’re planning to stay broader than the scope of OneSongOnly, so here’s hoping we never overlap too badly.

I want to start a one man comedy podcast - probably with a lot of film and video game references. I’ve always had a thing for doing voices and figured I do something with that. Tonight I was bored and made this.


Premise is Solid Snake phoning me up (via Codec) during a sneaking op to tell me about his favourite movies. During which he talks strenuously about the plot and completely misses the point of the movie with some pseudo-intellectual commentary on the film’s message. Always been a big fan of David Hayter as the voice of Snake so wanted to make something that channeled that.


This is funny! I like how Snake is so obstinately oblivious to the other end of the conversation. Nice work!

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Working with some friends to make a fuckin… and i can’t actually believe i’m about to say this.

Borderlands Lore Podcast.

We’re even gonna read the books.


Oh god this is a terrible idea and I have to listen to it.

I switched my bad anime podcast, Heavy Storms, to a by commission basis, and I just posted our first commissioned episode! Yeah! Problem is this episode was over Koi Koi Seven, which might actually be one of the worst things I have ever seen.

Check the description for a free MP3 download if you prefer listening that way, and for info on making commissions if interested (help me save up for a new car battery, wee adulting!)