'Ynglet' Is a Musical Platformer That Plays Like a Beautiful Instrument

Ynglet nails an aspect of the music game genre I first felt in Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s 2001 classic Rez. I’m talking about the way it makes space for player input within its generative soundtrack; specifically, how the music only truly pops when I start twirling my analogue stick and pressing buttons. In Rez, I do this to obliterate geometric enemies; in Ynglet, all I have to do is move. Because my own input doesn’t ever land perfectly on the beat, these interactions—whose effects are visual and aural—spray and scatter beautifully across the snap-lock grid of its electronic music score. For a wonderful few minutes, the game makes me feel like a jazz drummer, even if I’m only jamming with the computer.

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Just finished this game. And then I gifted it to a few people because of how much I liked it. It’s absolutely worth checking out!

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