Yo screw Dark Bramble

It’s just the scariest place. This whole game is so terrifying I thought the tornado planet was the worst place but then BOOM dark bramble exists.

I am 100% the astronaut on Brittle Hollow. Just terrified of everything I see but too curious to go home.


“There are two possibilities, we are either alone in the universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying”


Every time I thought I had everything I needed from Dark Bramble the game came up with just one more reason to go back right up and till the game ended.

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Honestly the most unnerved I’ve been by a game since playing RE7 in VR. Even worse than the Reaper leviathans in Subnautica. At least I could zap those once I got far enough.

I like Giant’s Deep though. It’s like… actually really hard to die there? Because you can just land in the water every time, and finding your ship is usually pretty easy. So I ended up finding it super peaceful despite the cyclones and occasional trips into orbit.


I didn’t expect outer wilds to have one of the creepy/unnerving/scary segments I’ve played in the last few years, but drifting through the fog in dark bramble, listening to the distress signal while watching the distance to the waypoint slowly get closer was terrifying.

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I will tell you that Outer Wilds has a VERY different opinion and it’s very refreshing and nice.

Agree, I was terrified of it at first but once I realized the tornados don’t kill you but just shoot you into orbit it got much less stressful