Yo, what's your deck look like?


Shadowrun, Magic, Hearthstone, that online Magic one, Yu-Gi-Oh. Show me those good decks.


blue dragons represent



Like I could resist rocking a deck named for the gods of German synth-pop in a game set in Berlin.



Here it is! Custom deck baby!


The fact that the first post in this thread was not one of those yu-gi-oh arm mounted things is a crime


my card collection is very depressing considering how long i’ve been playing this game


Okay but I love my spaceboard:


At least till I took a break, I was running a Raunamp Red build on Magic Arena that was exactly as broke as you think it was. I love that deck.


Living that wild life.
No good way to get a pic of my EDH deck for Magic, but it’s a sufficiently awesome Breya deck. I’m absurdly proud of it.


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