Yo, what's your desk look like?


I’m indecisive. I need a bigger desk for all these video game boxes I’m acquiring, yet I have no idea what I want? So, like, what do you folks put your very expensive computers and/or gaming consoles on? I feel like I’ve seen everything youtube/reddit has to offer, which is basically “big countertop on two drawers” which might look nice, but I’m not sure they’re very practical for more than just looking pretty.

For reference, I’m using a cramped LIMMON tabletop for IKEA, with four legs. It’s boring.


Man, I think we literally just ordered the first desk to come up when we searched the word on the IKEA website when we moved here, but it suits my needs well enough. Three small cubbies on either side to accommodate my textbooks, and a very broad bottom bar to balance my computer console on (this is not a good idea, but it’s not so precarious as to be a terrible one). I…don’t think they’re producing/selling it anymore? I can’t find it on their website, at least.

I have a separate entertainment system (it’s…ten? years old by now) for my PS4, PS3, and TV. It’s like two feet high, but it’s spacious enough to fit both consoles and a stack of games comfortably. There’s absolutely no way to organize my cables with this set-up, though, so it’s an absolute rat’s nest back there.


I’ve got a pretty big managerial type desk that my neighbour gave us when his work bought him a new desk. I was the only one in the family without a desk at the time so I got it even though I was only in like grade 7 at the time. As you can see from the picture below, I’ve got my monitor raised up (on a box of lego). I was playing so much Overwatch that looking down at my laptop was giving me neck pain and this was my solution. Turn 90 degrees left and you’ll find a secondary desk. It’s got a 2008 macbook that I use pretty much only for podcasts these days. Turn another 90 degrees left and you’ll see a dresser with a bookshelf on it. My game boxes are in those drawers, along with my DVDs, CDs, hockey cards and comic books. They fit quite nicely.


I’m a big fan of C-frame desks. They feel solid while also somewhat floating (no legs at the front to bang a knee on). That’s for mixed usage as both an office and a TV stand (get a nice deep desk and the TV can sit at the back while you’re using it as a desk).

My general strategy is to find the best you can at a scrap merchant (or any similar sort of place that collects stuff coming out of office refurbs or business collapses and dumps them in a shed) because getting something nice that lasts 20 years is usually a good plan and if you can find that for $15-20 rather than $150-200 then that’s always going to be a safe investment.

I like to keep a desk clean of drawers etc so storage is elsewhere with drawers and bookcases filled. This may be a function of being an ogress and so wanting as much space as possible for legs.


Just a simple thing from Ikea, but I like it.


I try to keep it simple and not load the drawers up with much stuff - this was something I was always bad about with my previous desk.


My desk is very basic and too big, but I like that I can push everything around when I need the space to work on other stuff. The best thing about it though is that it allows for some cable management:


I have the same LINNMON with metal legs, and honestly I’m pretty satisfied. A small desk helps me minimize clutter and forces me to organize stuff better. You’re never gonna find a better desk for $20.

It’s easy to feel that urge to maintain a huge rig with all of your game console plugged-in and ready to play. It feels bad to let that Wii sit neglected in a bin because what if you want to replay Metroid Prime 3? But I say: resist that urge!
Instead of trying to keep everything plugged-in, just keep your PC and your 1 or 2 current most-used consoles plugged in. If you want to play a different console, swap them out. Optimize your powerstrip/HDMI setup so it’s easy to swap things without having to crawl around (velcro cable ties and a desk-mounted power strip are very useful).

The other nice thing about the LINNMON is that it’s very modular, and easy to use for “IKEA hacks”. You can replace the metal legs with a shelf for more storage, or wheels for portability, or a height-adjustable trestle for comfort. You can also upgrade the table top to a HILVER for more space and nicer materials. Also consider hacking it further with extra shelves and brackets if you need more space. Here’s an example.

I think IKEA is pretty much always gonna be the best option if you want something budget-friendly, works well in a small space, and is reasonably sturdy. If you have more money to spend, then you do have some more options:

Music workstations desks look cool, and can hold lots of consoles and other stuff. I think they also tend to look much better than the average gamer/programmer “battlestation”.

If you really want something unique and interesting, consider commissioning a custom desk. Find some cool local folks, and they’ll be glad to build you an amazing desk to fit your exact needs and tastes. Even if you live off in some rural area, you can find custom furniture builders almost everywhere.


Right now until I move out of this godforsaken apartment


What I will be getting out of storage


As far as desks go it’s fairly cheap (it is an IKEA brand desk) but I just really like all the different shelves. It also had cup holders which I laughed at when I first got it but it snugly fits my water bottle so my cat almost never knocks it off.

If I had an unlimited budget I would definitely want an L shaped desk of some kind. There’s a company in Texas called Uplift that makes some really nice height adjusting ones. Plus having moved around a bit having a desk that comes apart and puts together easily is really nice to have. Helping my father move his old hulking desk into their new place was a nightmare.

For other things like video game boxes I would personally consider a bookshelf just because it frees up more space on your desk. Plus I just kind of like standing in front of bookshelves looking at stuff.

Echoing @BluShine about the custom built ones. My grandfather was a woodworker and loved building furniture for people in his town.


Besides a custom solution, which is super cool but maybe expensive, I’d like to make the case for a simple, plain desk with two drawers: they’re very flexible. Need some extra storage? Add a small, rollable hutch underneath and some shelving above it. Or a tall cabinet or shelves on the side. Get them in matching materials or colours (if possible from the same manufacturer and series) and it’ll fit together nicely. A simple desk can be made to fit most of your needs as you move on in life, and if it’s in plain wood you can easily refurbish and repaint it whenever the mood hits.

Of course, if you do have more specialized needs it won’t cover them, so it all depends on what you want out of it :smile:

(Attached is mine, I’m eyeing a nice sideboard to put my Switch on)


I’m using a ‘Tokyo’ desk from Structube, and love it. I wanted a really big desk so I could fit a couple of monitors and still have space left over; this one’s 71". I like having shelves for the consoles instead of having them on the desk (ran out of space before I got the Wii U, so on the desk it went). The desk is also tall enough to fit a full tower (Corsair 750D) under it with 0 issues for clearance.

I had a glass top desk before that was about a foot shorter, and hated it. Not really because of the size, but because there is never a time when a glass desk doesn’t look dusty or smudged.

Debated uploading this because the cables are a mess right now, but such is life.


Think this but infinitely messier.


I’ve got a decent one from Jysk (aka Danish IKEA with more locations and smaller stores). Since I do a wide mix of stuff, it suits me well - here’s a photo from right after I got the new ROG laptop, with my old Lenovo ultrabook (which physically doesn’t close properly anymore) beside it.

There’s pretty much always a reading pile on the desk to accompany whatever I’m up to.




It’s changed a bit over time, but the core of it is still the same.


i pray that one day i will have space for a desk. you all have really nice desks.


Mine is very definitely a college apartment desk. Weeb crap, MtG cards from drafts and deck techs, Crown bag full of dice, and 5e handbooks on top of the tower. Oh, and the chili pepper lights, can’t forget those tacky wonders. They’re relics from when I lived in Louisiana as a child, and are almost as old as me.


Do enjoy seeing people’s setups.

Here’s my ‘battle-station’.

I wanted a standing desk. I was converted by an article in PC gamer about the benefits. I do have a chair I sit in sometimes when I just want to chill. Perhaps a bit too high up for mouse and keyboard, but I’m a controller kind of guy anyway. Proper adjustable standing desks are too expensive. So I went to ikea brought the table top (1.6m wide) and four adjustable legs. Extended the legs as far as they go. This gave me enough space down below for a £15 coffee table (also IKEA) upon which I could sit my tower, subwoofer and consoles. It’s a little wobbly but it’s been standing now for over a year.

Once I get my own place I’m go proper DIY on my setup. I’ve been inspired by these kinds of setups.

Mount PC to wall like an example of modern art.

Or build PC into the desk and light it up as a neon city.


I had never seen a “desk” PC before and wow I want one now.


So are you trying to find a desk on which you can put your PC setup AND your games consoles? Would the consoles use the same television/monitor as your PC? What are you trying to do exactly?


Cool, just like this:

I’ll be buying a desk soon, but I’m going to be very boring and get an IKEA Linnmon, which is the same as the shitty wobbly thing I had in the flat I was previously renting, but I’m hoping this one will be a little nicer because:

  1. It won’t be that super budget-looking white finish.
  2. I’ll be using drawers as the side supports, which will hopefully mean it’ll be a bit more stable. Also, I don’t think anyone ever retightened the screws for the legs on my old one, which apparently you’re meant to periodically do.
  3. It will be 2 m wide, the idea being that I’ll have one side as my computer space and the other side as doing-other-stuff-without-piling-the-keyboard-on-top-of-my-other-desk-junk space. Unfortunately they don’t seem to do desks that wide at 75 cm depth, which is what my old one was, but I reckon the greater width is more valuable than the 15 cm I lose between me and my monitors.
  4. I will mount one or two of those cable tray things to the bottom and do my darnedest to keep everything except the tower off the floor (including the power strip). I know from experience that computer mess is a surefire way to put me off ever bothering to hoover under there, so it gets really dusty and awful. I got literally a hundred velcro cable ties for about £2; I’ll probably get some of those little things that you stick on stuff and put cable ties through, though I’m hoping I can find some large enough to fit velcro straps because having to snip a bunch of cable ties to change one wire is the absolute worst.

So anyway, my future desk is objectively incredibly boring and unsexy, but I’m hoping it will be functional for me and I’m actually pretty excited about it. But before buying any furniture I want to redecorate a bit, and particularly that room, which might actually take me forever, so this is all just hypothetical.