Yondu is the best southern hero in fiction in the last decade(slight spoiler)


Yondu has all the traits of a great southern hero:
-Child rearin
-Legal problems
-Yankee hate

Southerners get shit on by most media as a bunch of slack-jawed cousin-elopers so its genuinely nice to have a cool person be the hero and also be country(even if he’s an alien and his accent makes no real sense).
Also shout out to Kraglin for also redeeming himself.


Yondu even has some traits that make him a great hero across the pond as well! The key being:

-Is Mary Poppins, y’all.

Joking aside though, Michael Rooker did an amazing job as Yondu. He honestly made a lot of the second movie which kind of made me a bit sad that we didn’t get more Yondu in the first one. I could very easily say that he was my favorite character as of the end of Vol. 2.


It helps that Michael Rooker is a national treasure of an actor. I’ve never seen a role that wasn’t enormously enhanced by him.

SUPER (a much less-known James Gunn movie that expertly deconstructs the superhero movie genre) was certainly made better by his presence.


I agree completely, and I hope we’ll be seeing more Michael Rooker in general because he’s a really great actor.