You are unique and so is your legendary item

As is tradition all legendary items must be named after someone and they are unique one time drops.

So what does the legendary item named after you do? Assume any game/genre you want.

I would probably have something like “Wazanator’s Wacky Robot” and it just summons a randomly generated robot every time you use it.

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Why, my “Glasses of Some Renown,” giving a minor boost to charisma and restoring your perception to full minus 1 (permanently dirty).


A jar of “LaSauce”. No one is quite sure what it’s actually made of, but this sauce never runs out and it goes great with most food.

Except for pasta, it will absolutely ruin pasta


Legendary Jersey Of Tythus
-5 Charisma
10% increase to currency drops
+10 to Barter when dealing with Games Merchants

it’s uh… it’s a diglett

you can summon a helpful diglett to help you out

considering a diglett does not have hands or… well let’s not go there, it’s questionable how much it will be able to help in most situations. but it will always try its best :relaxed:


Funnel created laser shield that projects around the user

I thought the title of this thread was a Max Stirner reference lmfao :man_facepalming:

Uh. Anyway, I’d be a cyberdeck that played sick synthwave while you hacked the Gibson or something.


I recently played Hollow Knight so I came up with a weird charm. I thought way too hard about it, but fittingly I guess. It was fun! It’s nothing dark, really, but it sorta deals with obsession and anxiety, and might also contain spoilers for the game? So I used spoiler blur to be on the safe side.

Throughout the game there are Wanderer’s Journals, stone tablets covered in writing usually found near a corpse. The “Unfinished Rumination” charm would look like a small stone journal, but split in half and missing chunks, two broken pieces of rock with incomplete writing, bound together with silk. When equipped, it would use a lot of charm notches (at least 4), slowly drain SOUL, and block all exits in the current room/area with unbreakable silk/web walls until every secret in that room/area was found. I think it could actually be, in typical Hollow Knight fashion, useful and inconvenient at once! It would even be possible to get stuck, forcing you to reload your save and return to the last bench used. The “secret found” chime would be replaced by a more dramatic bell sound. And the charm itself would probably be found in a hidden study room in the Teacher’s Archives, near the corpse of a spider-y version of Menderbug which I guess is my bugsona now. The corpse’s Dream Nail text would be “… Lore???”. I already spent way too much time (mine and yours!) on this so I’m skipping the charm description text and the weird interactions it could have with Dreamgate and Stag Stations. Thanks for reading my Hollow Knight fanfic lol :joy:


Warwitch’s Comfy Socks
+1 to willpower
+1 to cold resistance
-1 to heat resistance


Two options:

  1. “Slipping glasses”: see better than you ever thought possible but lose every third turn to pushing Slipping Glasses back up the bridge of your nose.

  2. “Stubborn Sourdough Starter” each loaf of bread you bake has a 50% chance of being incredible and a 50% of being a weird flat bread.


Mine is the Parking Reality Marble. It’s a pocket dimension which will fit your car no matter where you go. So if you’re ever struggling to find a space in Brooklyn or Manhattan, never fear. Just pull out the Parking Reality Marble and there you go, an entire alternate universe with which to store your vehicle.

Currently banned at most theme parks.


Quak0r’s used Match

Moving around now costs Mana
Can not be unequipped


Vulpine Modem Of Absurd Speed

Get internet speeds of up to 120 kbit/s by using this magical modem designed to look like two foxes screaming at each other!


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