You Can Buy Just About Anything in Animal Crossing on Nookazon

Bunny Day has come and gone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means we've finally left the collective nightmare of finding eggs in basically every nook and cranny of our islands. Unfortunately, that also means that the cherry blossoms have left. If you didn't collect any of the beautiful DIY recipes or the cherry blossom petals to craft them from, you'd normally be out of luck until next year. Such is the cruel fate of time in Animal Crossing. Or is it?

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Wow yikes.

It’s not just the tone-deaf silencing of “politics in mah vidja games” that cringes me out here, it’s the weird fetishization of Amazon as a corporation such that they made moderators hit quotas??? The leadership of Nookazon definitely idolizes Bezos too much.

When your fan made online shop that deals with the trading of virtual goods has people designated as spokesperson and you’re sending out internal emails you’ve taken things way too far.

Also just going to say anyone who has been around online long enough knows selecting your moderators based on donations is a terrible idea.