You Can Change The Ending to Any Movie to "It Was A Video Game the Whole Time." What movie do you pick?


An Waypoint Radio Episode 218, the crew answered this question, in light of a… certain recent film. They picked The Village, Saving Private Ryan, Titanic, and The Revenant.

What film would you change the ending to “It was a video game the whole time”? Feel free to stipulate on the parameters of the video game fiction.


The Pianist as a rhythm game by Lucas Pope


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

People would have been SO MAD.


Jurassic Park is just secretly a Dino Crisis game.

Live, Die, Repeat is fairly obvious.

Rambo 2 is the competitor to Far Cry.


Really, isn’t Dr Strangelove just a Domination victory that got a little out of hand?


Alice in Wonderland. Just as she thinks she’s escaped back to the realworld - boom - motherfucking Mickey Mouse appears and reveals that Alice has been asleep in Kingdom Hearts the whole time. Let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes now…


Driving Miss Daisy but it’s actually Crazy Taxi.


My friends … We have spent So Long… looking for the Citizen Kane of Video Games… but what if… Citizen Kane… was Video Games All Along?


Instead of a movie, I’m going to pick The Prisoner (1967) television series.


Boyhood (its the sims)


Number 6 rips off Number 1’s tragicomic mask, revealing a monkey mask which he rips off to reveal … Ken Levine???


Mean Guns was a Battle Royale or Battle Royale was a Battle Royale.

I like Mean Guns better because the twist would probably be consistent with the feel of the film.


The Right Stuff is a game of Kerbal Space Program.

Your Name turns out to be Life is Strange Season 3.


I mean Inception something something something Psychonauts right?


How I Met Your Mother, where he reveals he was playing an incredible long and meandering dating sim the whole time.


Jurassic Park is the real world events and the Sequels are the video game adaptations made by various studios as the IP gets passed around over the years.


Metal Gear Solid 4.


The Avengers: Endgame.


It’s not domination until the mineshaft gap is destroyed. It’s more king of the hill I guess?


Cloverfield was actually just about what happens to the regions you don’t choose to save in Into the Breach