You Can Change The Ending to Any Movie to "It Was A Video Game the Whole Time." What movie do you pick?


I’ll pick an easy one and go with:

Die Hard


ok no ones said it yet so,, uhhh I guess I’m gonna have to say it,,,

~ the matrix ~


Snowpiercer. They get off the train and just find half textured landmasses around them that were never meant to be seen up close because the game was only meant to take place in the train.


This kind of aligns with my theory that Frostpunk is the sequel to Snowpiercer.


The Artist is actually a prequel to A Quiet Man


Daaaamn what if you added audio to The Artist and it was suuuuuper racist.

I guess it’d fit the time period it’s set in actually.



The long ending shot on the totem cuts to a kid playing the game and throwing down the controller in frustration.

“Damnit I got the bad ending.”


“Maybe if I replay the game as Ellen Page this time…”


The good Serenity.


Is Groundhog Day too obvious?


Glengarry Glen Ross is actually a call center training VR that giddily misses the point of the movie. Optimal ending is playing as Jack Lemon and winning the steak knives despite lack of leads.


Would that make Die Hard the sequel or the simulation?


The Fountain is a David Cage game. Always has been.


It should be no surprise that Castaway is really just Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked where Tom Hank played by a Fed Ex employee who didn’t like Tom Hanks all that much.


Turns out the Meg was really Jaws: The Revenge NES game this entire time,


Mac & Me is really E.T. (Atari 2600 game).


The Last Starfighter


High Rise (2015) is an incredibly sadistic modded game of The Sims


Being John Malkovich



Shaun of the Dead seems an obvious one, what with its roots in the episode of Spaced where he hallucinates after playing too much Resident Evil…