You Can Keep Your Crash Bandicoot—When’s the Earthworm Jim Comeback?


Of all the 1990s gaming characters I remember, it’s the Super Suited wriggler I most want to see revived.

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Hate to brake it to you Mike but Earthworm Jim had a HD release and it a pretty old game in the sense that it didn’t aged well. Not to say that completely bad but it doesn’t hold up to what Crash has in terms of fanbase.


Was about to say the thing about Doug TenNapel being super gross but the article did it for me. Finding out about that really killed my interest in the Neverhood spiritual successor that released a while back.


Would only want a revival under two conditions:

  • No involvement from TenNapel
  • Earthworm Jim has to be gay


I’d rather have Gex


not a big fan of how the article doesn’t mention tennapel and how trash he is. i feel that his creative involvement in earthworm jim as a whole is something too big to overlook, especially since he’s made something in the industry really recently.


imo earthworm jim had very weak gameplay and a lot of visual charm. a reboot of something like that would be kind of weird? for some reason i’m thinking about the new toejam and earl game that got kickstarted a little while back. i was really excited about the announcement but seeing screenshots and videos of it made me start to think that maybe you can’t revive and refurbish a heavily 90s aesthetic (and a pixelated one, at that) without making it look like complete ass. maybe the sun has set on that kind of visual style and we need a couple more years for it to loop back around into being fashionable again?


My memory of Earthworm Jim is of playing the PC port as a kid in the early 00s and getting mad at how touchy the controls were, and how narrow the timing windows on a lot of actions you had to perform were. The submarine sections in particular were incredibly punishing.

I love the style of those games, but a reboot / sequel would have to seriously overhaul how those games actually played. Also keep TenNapel away from the series, that guy is awful

(Also I remember loving the Earthworm Jim cartoon)


It does get mentioned near the end; but perhaps not strongly enough for just how irredeemable his actions have been.


1000 times yes. Give it to me.


I had earthworm jim on gameboy and it was almost literally impossible to get out of the first stage


Personally, I don’t think the EWJ games really hold up. The art and animation are fantastic, but the gameplay was never really there. Most of the levels were gimmicky, the controls felt squirrelly, and the games in general felt like style over substance.

But also TenNapel’s views are legitimately toxic and I would prefer if he doesn’t work in the games industry again, despite his clear talent as an artist.