You Can Make Your Own Shitty Sonic Character In 'Sonic Forces'


Get ready for the greatest OCs the internet has ever seen.

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If we post OCs from deviantart or other sites in this thread let’s make sure to credit :blush:


this is literally all i’ve ever wanted i’m so happy also you can give them Kamina’s glasses this is the best


do we need a “draw waypoint the hedgehog” thread?


y’all being mean as heck in here about sonic smh



I’m not, I am legitimately excited for this.


Nobody who made a shitty DBZ OC in Xenoverse is allowed to make fun of shitty Sonic OCs those are the rules.


genuine sonic ocs are some of the purest things on the planet and i’m so glad that that part of the fandom is getting support from official sources.


this is a good thread to post the fanart i made of waypoint the hedgehog back when the original tweets hit


This is hilarious! They’re basically unleashing Deviantart into the world.

I wouldn’t mind if Sega released the character creator just so I can make my OC and keep it as avatar material, no real interest in the game otherwise. Not touched a Sonic game for years!


Releasing a free demo of the character creator (kind of like what Sims 4 did) would be a legitimately great way to build hype. The internet would go nuts for it.


I played the game, and now I feel compelled to share how the internet has defined me.
This is my life now… time to grow emo bangs


the trailer has a Scouter in it. get ready for vegeta the foxtaur :sunglasses:


i can’t make a bunny, echidna, or fox, what the fuck


Pretty sure I’m legally required to name my Forces OC Bigg The Cat


let he who has never made a fan character throw the first shade


I can’t get in on this because I didn’t see a crocodilian option, but that’s okay because Vector the Crocodile is basically my OC anyway.


Where da sprite sheets at tho?


I will only play this if I can play a half demon half angel hedgehog, whose also a vampire.

Edit: Joking aside, this looks like it could be fun for sonic fans.