You Can Now Play More Than 38,000 Flash Games for Free

These days, Adobe Flash is just an obnoxious thing that makes Chrome crash but it used to be the backbone of a weird and wild world of web-based games and animations. Now, it's dying. Adobe announced in 2017 that it would end support for Flash at the end of 2020.

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This might sound like some “low-art at the Louvre” type shit, but Flashpoint Infinity (the a la carte version) has really given me a good framework to realize just how much I owe to Flash games in general. It’s easy to scroll down the list and remember “oh shit, that’s right, this game was formative and I played it a LOT”

I really recommend checking it out if you’re in the same age bracket as me and forgot about this stuff somehow. Either way, all those games about punching the teeth out of GW Bush have a new appeal for 24 year old me.


See this guy?
I’m gonna fuck up his whole day, all over again.


38,000 really does sounds like a lot, but there are probably more that are just going to be lost to time, especially those from the really early shockwave days.