You Can Play ‘Doom’ On an IKEA Lamp

Ikea’s TRÅDFRI LED is a basic light bulb with fancy smart home features. It costs about $20. You can dim it or program it to take on any color you’d like. Such features mean it’s got a rudimentary computer inside to control its systems, and. iIf it has a computer, it can play Doom.

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Now this is cyberpunk to me.


Cool, but I do hate the idea of my lamp having the computer necessary for such a thing. Makes me want to go to the antique store for all my furniture.


I mean, this is (sort of) why we have a global silicon chip shortage atm - chips in everything, and fabs have very long lead times for changes in demand.

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It’s kind of weird to me that this is called a lamp when it’s a light bulb.

Wow, this is really illuminating about how far lightbulb computing architecture has come, but frankly I’d like dimmer lightbulbs.