You Can Take Components From 2 Dreams And Combine Them to Make your 'Dream' Game. What do you make?


The parkour mechanic from my “parkour in the school cafeteria” dream with the extreme weather from my “escape the incoming tornado” dream.

Soooo, an endless runner where you’re doing parkour to clear obstacles while trying to outrun a tornado…?


It’s a skateboarding game where the only quest is riding as fast as possible to get to a final exam which you’re definitely going to be super late for. You fall a lot, and every fall sends you suddenly and abruptly back to the title menu.


So the coolest dream I had was going up a giant white tower while being watched by a red star, slowly corrupting the tower with glowing red vines (not those red vines)

But most of my dreams involve me trying to find clothes before some important event or meeting and when I find them being unable to put them on.

So in this game youre naked and have a meeting in a half hour, you have to find clothes in a white tower as a red star tries to block your path.

I hate this game


You eat a sandwich while a girl refuses to let you see the back of her head


The overwhelming majority of dreams I remember involve normal, everyday life except one minor thing is different and I’m the only one who notices. I’ve had dreams where my wife is blonde for some reason, where my car is different, back in school my major changed, things like that. The only other dream I have with any regularity is I go someplace that doesn’t exist at all, but I get there by traveling roads I go down all the time or rooms in my house that just don’t exist. I’ve had dreams about the same fake restaurant or store often enough that I sometimes forget they aren’t actually there.

So my dream game involves traveling a familiar path only to arrive in an unreal place where minor things are slightly off and no one understands why you feel that way.


You try to eat an entire buffet’s worth of ribs while all of your teeth are falling out


I thought these were supposed to be about dreams and not real life?


Get chased by wasps, all your high school friends are there inexplicably.


Really I just need one dream for a game idea. Last Saturday I dreamt that I had fallen into a cave. Inside the cave was a vast open space full of a seemingly endless maze built of brown sand walls and sand structures. The maze looped back in on itself over and over in-concentric circles.

If you stayed down there too long, you go mad. When I had escaped in my dream, my pupils had torn themselves through my eye into star-shapes. I probably only had days to live.

So I guess procedural generated rogue lite with a sanity meter?


Me, clicking on this thread.


You are on an airship run by giant squirrel/beavers and you use rocket launchers

Also you have no pants


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