You Can Take Components From 2 Games And Combine Them to Make Your Dream Game. What Do You Make?


We’ve talked about “spiritual successors” for games, and we’ve talked about our favorites. Now I think it’s time to talk about crafting your “Perfect Game”, as it were.

I’ll give my example, as I think it might help stimulate other thought processes…

I hope that next year’s Pokemon game includes open-world elements like what Breath of the Wild had.

I still want the exploring and collecting and battling, but I also want a non-linear path, exploration, more side quests (beyond “Hey take this Pokeball/egg back to the Professor!”), and generally just a world that we can fully immerse ourselves in. Let me climb this mountain to battle & catch the Golem terrorizing the nearby village (and show me the dang size differences between Pokemon already). Let me pedal my bike up Kanto Route 17, stopping to take breaks because I’m exhausted. Let me soar through the air as I fly between towns or regions. Give us a world, and let us live in it.

What about you? What elements would make a “Perfect Game” for you?

EDIT: Ok I have a 2nd entry. I need a Majora’s Mask-type version of BotW too. Basically, just give me BotW in everything, and we’ll be good.


Heavy RPG elements + Metroidvania. There have been a few games that approach this but I want that RPG shit deep, like full character creation, complex systems, some branching story paths, etc.

Really basically I want heavy RPG elements + everything.


Breath of the Wild’s… whole game I guess?
Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system for bokoblins

Sounds good to me.


Yeah, I’m trying to figure out what to combine Breath of the Wild’s exploration and physics and systems with that’s not just… more Breath of the Wild.

Maybe Breath of the Wild’s exploration with the narrative, character writing, and reactivity to player actions of Undertale? But I also don’t know if I’d actually enjoy that more than I do those two separate games, because that might be too much.

This question is just making more appreciative of how much I love those games haha


Truth. I realize taking the exploration side of BotW out and dropping it elsewhere is not an easy task. And it was far and away the most non-Zelda Zelda game ever made. And they fucking CRUSHED it. Incredibly impressed and inspired.

Plus, this comes in a time of Battle Royale and short games and “well nobody wants 100+ hour single player games”.


It’ll never happen because immersive sims don’t seem to sell well as it is, but my pie in the sky dream combo would feature the attention to detail (and budget) found in the virtual worlds the folks at Arkane make (Dishonored, Prey) combined with the Telltale focus on character-driven narratives full of branching dialogue (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, etc).

Basically I just want to be able to walk around and talk to people in a game like Dishonored. I don’t dislike the combat in their games but I’m most definitely there for the world building and art design. I’m also that person who would absolutely play a Mass Effect game that was more of a mystery/drama than an action/adventure narrative.


This is hard for me, because I’m pretty out of touch with a bunch of the modern gaming zeitgeist (and am often surprised by how much my tastes have changed in other areas). So, my palette is a little smaller than some of the other commenters here.

What I think I’d quite like is something fusing the technical / puzzle solving elements of Zachtronics Software games (lets pick… Opus Magnum as an example) with the narrative / interesting choices elements of turn-based RPGs (lets pick, since I just played it, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, but I’d be happy with Planescape: Torment if we could remove the D&D mechanics and the combat), the presentation and evocative art and music of basically the weirder early 90s Amiga games (anything by Psygnosis). Setting from again, any of the odder 90s games before we got stuck in genre ruts.

But, then, I’d also quite like something which takes the purity of early 90s “arcade 3d” games and gives me something even better at flow state, without significant failure punishment. Something like a fusion of Devil Daggers and Super Hexagon and Wipeout.


Paper Mario TTYD’s combat system. Good action prompts for attacking and defending, but it’s really the set up that sings. You’re on a stage with a live audience you need to impress. Impressing the audience brings more audience members, help re-fill your super meters faster (I think) and gives other bonuses. It manages to keep battle engaging when otherwise it would suffer the same grindy problems of most RPGs random encounter or mob enemies to fight.

Take that more engaging combat and put it in everything with random encounter or mob enemies to fight. Admittedly, the system worked perfectly because it fit the style of Paper Mario, but you’re going to tell me a Final Fantasy b***s*** game wouldn’t be awesome if your traveling troupe also had some random group of fans that would just pitch up some bleachers every time you fought? Bleachers full of Moogles. How is this not in Kingdom Hearts? Bleachers full of 101 dalmatians?


Something as gay as a visual novel written by a lesbian, but it’s a JRPG.


A heavy, slower-paced character action game like NuGoW, mixed with the open ended conversation and relationship system of Alpha Protocol


While Stellaris has a pretty great Star Trek mod, my dream game is to mix the underlying mechanics of Stellaris with the aesthetics and IP-specific stuff in Star Trek: Birth of the Federation (the Star Trek Masters of Orion game from 1999).

I guess I just want Birth of the Federation 2, made by Paradox Interactive.


“Persona but hella gay” is another dream game that I think about a lot. It’s frustrating how backwards Atlus & P Studio is in writing queer characters because a lot of the aesthetics of arcana & tarot the SMT series plays in is super popular amongst some lgbt+ folks.

:clap: let :clap: lesbians :clap: write :clap: persona :clap:


Honestly I would just wanna see a mashup of two ARPGs. Gimme the deep complexity of Path of Exile but make enemies explode good like in Diablo 3.


Hitman (2016) gameplay but in the Mass effect universe with Mass Effect character interaction.

Remember Kasumi’s personal mission in ME2? Kinda like that but with space fire extinguishers you can throw at space guards.


As I’ve learned from the made up games tournament, a match up of motocross maniacs and darkest dungeon would be incredible. I’ve already imagined chunks of it in my head.
Also, a murder mystery game mixed with a roller coaster simulator.


An Elder Scrolls game with Breath of the Wild’s climbing system would feel so liberating


I will miss the days of trying to find whatever random polygons I could jump onto.


Overwatch’s team battle dynamics with Pokemon’s setting and characters.

All six of you choose a Pokemon and you fight as a team to complete objectives - it sounds incredible and I need it.


The highly detailed and dynamic ecosystem simulation from Rain World but in a big budget 3D game like a Dragons Dogma 2 or a Metroid Prime 4. From what I’ve seen Monster Hunter World has some degree of this but I want a way more detailed one that doesn’t necessarily revolve around the player. Ideally with LOTS of different monsters/flora/fauna/biomes/weather etc.


Stellaris but battletech