You can take one IP/franchise and give it to any Dev you want! What goes where and why?


Similarly to how comic book characters can be moved from writer to writer, I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities of an established franchise having it’s reins handed to new blood.

This sort of move probably would never ever happen, but it’s fascinating to think what a Saints Row game made by Gearbox, or a Borderlands made by Volition might look like.

What Dev would create the next chapter in which established IP if you had this power?

Personally I would be over the moon excited if the next Marvel Ultimate Alliance was made by Ninja Theory- actually wait, what if Platinum made it? God there are so many amazing possibilities!

A Mass Effect or Dragon Age made by the XCOM team or the Fire Embl- no. I need to stop myself, it’s your turn!


just give everything to platinum. only platinum are allowed to make anything any more.


Suikoden to Atlus
Metroid to AM2R devs
Silent Hill to KojiPro (yes, I’m still carrying a torch)
Jet Set Radio to Platinum


Front Mission > Firaxis
Armored Core > From’s A-team
STALKER > Literally anybody, just please god make another one.


I feel like Platinum runs very hot and cold. When they hit with the one-two punch of Bayonetta/Vanquish it was like, holy shit… but a lot of their releases between then and now left me feeling luke-warm or cold.

That said, if it’s A-team, gung-ho Platinum, I would like to see them take a crack at Castlevania.


The Fallout franchise goes back to Obsidian for a while, and they’re given enough time to develop another New Vegas-esque entry in the series with some polish this time around. Those guys just really consistently kill it in terms of world-building.


Hitman back to IO Interactive


Also, Jet Set Radio needs to go to someone. Sega can’t have it anymore. They won’t even port Future, the monsters.


beat me to it :cry:


God Hand and Vanquish to… Tango Gameworks?

I mean, I do think Shinji Mikami is key to those games, but The Evil Within didn’t inspire much confidence or anything. Perhaps he could just work with Platinum temporarily, just as he did with Grasshopper on Shadows of the Damned.

Beyond Good & Evil to Wild Sheep

Obviously. Get it away from the clutches of the Ubisoft open-world machine, and just let Michel Ancel give us the sequel he wanted to make back in '03. Honestly, if I had my way, they’d still use the Jade Engine and it’d look like a PS2 game. All the better.

Nier to PlatinumGames

… oh wait.

Drakengard to PlatinumGames

I mean, you could easily picture a world where Scalebound was retooled into Drakengard 4. In fact, if Square Enix had half a brain, this is exactly what they’re having PlatinumGames develop right this instant, and we’ll hear more about it upcoming E3.

Bully to whomever

Well fuck, if Rockstar isn’t gonna do anything with it, just give it to… anyone who will. Avalanche, Volition, whatever. Actually, give it to THQ Nordic. They make excellent use of their IPs, and I’m sure they’ll find someone suited for the job.

Jak & Daxter to… Sanzaru Games, I suppose

I want Jak 4. A proper sequel. Not some weird gritty re-imagined hyperrealistic reboot running on the Uncharted 4 engine. Just plain Jak 4. Sanzaru did a great job on Sly 4, so maybe they could handle a Jak 4 as well.

Breath of Fire to Camelot

Way, way back, Camelot of Golden Sun fame (now mostly known as the Mario Sports factory) developed a game called We Love Golf for Capcom. In an interview, the Takahashi brothers mentioned they had an in interest in doing a new BoF game and were in talks with Capcom. Obviously nothing ever came of that, but gosh, those guys would’ve been perfect for it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII to the team making Kingdom Hearts III

The game that came out was not the game I wanted. Let’s try this again. I’m sure things will work out better this time… Right?

Anyway, if I don’t stop now, this list will never end. But I think it’s pretty clear wat era of gaming I have the most affinity with.



I’d give Silent Hill to Frictional Games. Not just because Frictional seems to be good at doing horror, but because Frictional seems to be good at doing a little more than just straight horror. Soma wasn’t really “scary” in the same way that Amnesia was. It was more about putting creeping thoughts in your head than chasing you with boogeymen.

That’s pretty essential in Silent Hill terms. I bet they could drum up something interesting, though I imagine it would be hard for anyone to get out from underneath the shadow of P.T. at this point.


Give HalfLife to anybody.

Mech Warrior/Battletech to From Software.
Warhammer to…also From Software (or Blizzard.)

Mass Effect to CD Projekt Red.
Left 4 Dead to Visceral.


Lost Kingdoms (Rune) to anyone who will make a new one… Please… Those were two of my favorite Gamecube games ever and I loved them and the fact that they died off completely after the second one still breaks my heart to this day.


Romance Of The Three Kingdoms to Platinum.


Metroid to FromSoft
Silent Hill to Kojima Productions
MegaMan to Yacht Club Games


And just because I’m curious

Fire Emblem to Atlas


Give the Elder Scrolls to Obsidian for a spell

But this time Bethesda doesn’t fuck them over
A New Vegas equivalent in the Elder Scrolls that could rival Morrowind? Please


Silent Hill -> Kojima


Honestly I’d probably just give all the RPGs I like to Obsidian.


I once had this idea that Visceral Games could actually put a decent spin on the Metroid series, since Dead Space, even when it became more action focused, definitely had a few subtle Metroid influences.


If the NFL 2K series could come back (and I know it can’t at the moment, but to dream for a few seconds), I would want to see Take-Two take it back on. It’s been almost thirteen years since the last game came out, but seeing how explosive NBA 2K became after a few years, I want to see what could be feasibly done on a simulation-heavy football sim on a modern console.