You get one Pokemon companion, which is it?

Raichu, of course.

If you could have one Pokemon companion, which would it be?

popplio the best

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As someone who enjoys the cold more than the heat, this little friend can’t be beat!

get a snorlax, strategically deploy it in front of buildings shitty rich people need to get into, say “well i would put it back in its pokeball, but i’m just not feeling it, maybe if a shitty rich person gave me a lot of cash i would put the snorlax back in the ball,” grow fabulously wealthy and retire to a private island to spend the rest of my life hanging out in peace with my giant sleepy friend

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Snorlax Owns!

Listen, Snorlax… Only Snorlax can hold 10…

Look at him! He’s fuckin’ huge!

He’s more ripped than you!


It should be obvious.


The cheap answer to this one is Ditto, or maybe Zoroark, because then you can have every other Pokemon by virtue of their transformative abilities. If I had to give an actually answer though… idk, probably a Bulbsaur. That was my first starter, and I’d love to have one of those little guys. When it evolves into a Venusaur you could just chill in the shade of the flower on its back… That’d be pretty sweet.

Salazzle so she can smuggly laugh at everyone I meet.

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the original cool pokemon, Squirtle!


Dragonite, no contest.

I imagine it happened like this:

When I was a kid I never liked to walk alone, especially not outside but - this time I did, because I wanted to get away from my brother (who was thumping me indoors) and before I knew what I was happening I was out back past the yard and into the creek. The creek rarely came up to my ankles but that day it was heavier than usual, halfway to my knees. I almost turned around when I remembered I was out back, in the woods, alone.

But something caught my eye.

A flash of blue in that little spot where the creek turns and there’s that clump of rocks that make a little pool. Something wiggling in there. I had never seen a Pokemon that wasn’t a Pidgey, Spearow or the like- what could this be?

It tried to get away, but it was caught. It had tried to pass through a narrow passage in the rocks, and was now really wedged. Normally I’d never tough a wild Pokemon but I was thrashing by the time I realized what was going on and I had to help it. Carefully I leaned down and tugged its head, just a little. It struggled even more as I wedged my fingers between the jagged rock and its rubbery body.

Without a sound it popped free a swam away. I sighed and turned back toward the house, slipping a little out of the embankment. Back on the grass I set off for home but turned back when I heard a splash.

There was the Dratini, back in the little pool near the rocks at the side of the stream. It slapped its tail and looked at me. I hopped down the embankment, not even caring that I covered myself in mud along the way. I knew dad would pitch a fit that I’d ruined my school shoes but I didn’t care, it was a Dratini and it wanted me!

At the water’s edge I squatted down and held out my hands, barely submerged in the chilled water. It curled into my palms and nuzzled against my thumb. I stroked its head and held it close to my chest.

I’ve never had to outside along ever again.

Charmander, always and forever.

Greninja, for that tounge/scarf action

Mimikyu!!! Creepy & cute, also extremely good in fights. It just wants a loving friend! I could be that friend.



Mankey def. I’ll make it love me by fighting it first.

pancake raichu is the only pokemon

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Chansey! Normal types are my favourite.

Litwick. 100% of the time. No exceptions.

This is mostly because I played a homebrew Pokémon tabletop with my friends for 5 years where a Litwick was my starter. This it is now absolutely my favorite Pokémon.

I’ve always been partial to Meowth. Alolan Meowth is the best though so Alolan Mewoth specifically.


I’ll only ever have one choice, my boy getting it done with one HP left.


Alolan Meowth is very good. If I had to go with a cat pokemon, they’re definitely high up on the list. Like top 3 with Meowstic and Litleo.