You get to wipe your memory of one game and play it with fresh eyes


Which game do you pick?


Mass Effect 2 FOR SURE


At the moment? Persona 5 for sure


Jet Set Radio. The first time experiencing that blast of funky music and art style is untouchable.


Halo: CE

I remember playing it for the first time and just being in awe of the game, would love that feeling again.


Damn. That’s tough. I would probably actually say the original Mass Effect. The actually gameplay in that game is not fantastic, but the story is still among my favorites and being able to experience it again for the first time would be kind of incredible.


Either Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden or Viva Piñata. The sense of discovery and wonder I got from those games has been relatively unmatched by anything else I’ve played.


Oxenfree. I want to be incredibly scared and tense all over again.


I feel like it might sound like it’s fueled by the hype train, but Breath of the Wild.



It felt like a life changing experience, and the request if you reopen it after the golden ending made me realize how finite it was. You can cheat the system and “play it” again, but never relive the same mystery and experience.


This gonna sound silly, but I think I would choose WoW. I have spent 12 years playing the dang game and it feels like I have just been chasing the feeling of what it was like during vanilla. I’ve thought a lot about it and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t want to play Vanilla WoW again, I just want to have that specific whole unexplored world in front of me again.


Undertale. I lucked out and played it before the hype storm got out of control, and I loved it so so much. The whole experience of playing it really feels like “Pleasant Surprises: The Game”.


Ohhhh good pick. I remember JSRF’s soundtrack, loved it.


Replaying some of the heavier Witcher 3 story moments again without knowing how they end would be super good, this hit so hard.

Also I’d love to be able to be terrified by some of the Bloodborne bosses all over again.


:thinking: this is legit tough and a good question always

If I could go in without the foreknowledge I had got by osmosis of even playing the game Id say maybe Bioshock 1

Otherwise it’s have to be Undertale yeah like I ain’t as high on that game as some but the actual experience of playing it was incredible


Titanfall 2. I had a weekend to myself and borrowed the game from my dad. I decided to launch the game, site unseen, no reviews, and just jump in. It may be one of my favorite single-player campaigns of all time. I beat the game in two play sessions and was tempted to just start it all over again.


Persona 4 for sure, since I had the culprit spoiled to me before I played the game. I’d love to get that experience nice and fresh


I’d do red dead redemption. Being 14 at the time it came out it was very formative but because everyone I knew was a 14 year old, it was spoiled almost immediately and not by my choosing.

Still had a great time with it despite teens… would love to have that great time again but in a vacuum where no one under the age of 18 exists.


Choice of Robots


it’d be cool to wipe EVERYONE’s memory of league of legends and get to go back to preseason 1 where no one knew what the fuck they were doing and the Best Thing was like Pantheon Sion bot lane

but if its just me then persona 5