You Must Play the Trippy 1998 PlayStation Game 'LSD: Dream Emulator'

You would be forgiven for thinking that a game called LSD: Dream Emulator refers to the psychedelic drug, but it doesn't. It's far more strange.

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How can we have nostalgia for a game that most of us didn’t play until we were well into adulthood?

This was one of a handful of PSX games that I knew I needed to emulate when I bought my PSP Go a few years back. I was very excited to try it, and kind of broken-hearted to see how badly it ran. The game just naturally has a very low, choppy framerate that, coupled with the slow, clunky controls, made it a chore to play.

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I’ve seen my share of footage from this game, and I feel like it would be better observed in a museum than actually played because, yeah, it’s pretty rough


As a game/ experience it definitely seems flawed, but as an introduction to the rest of the bizarre oeuvre of Osamu Satu, I’m glad to have come across this in a “weirdest games” compilation, or whatever it was

His first game Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou looks like a lot of fun and he’s released a lot of surreal Aphex Twin-esque electronic music with the same psychadelic qualities as his games.