You No Longer Need a PSP To Play the Wildly Adorable 'LocoRoco'


The colorful platformer's remaster is out this week, for PlayStation 4.

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It’s such a defining game of the PSP, I don’t think I would have ever hesitated buying the Vita if Locoroco was announced for the system back then. At least, the game is getting a second chance at being relevant and maybe give enough traction to create another locoroco title.

I was surprised to see the designer of LocoRoco also worked on ICO. SIE Japan Studio might have the most talented developers out there. No wonder they were able to create games like Patapon & Echochrome.


I am so fucken happy :smile:


I was gonna say something like “where’s Patapon” but then I looked it up and that game is also coming to PS4 holy shit.


LocoRoco was a fine game, but LocoRoco 2 was significantly better.


So good! I remember having a lot of fun with the Loco House minigame. It was lots of fun to just make elaborate cartoon factories for the lil guys to get carried around in.


I love LocoRoco and Patapon, but I now wish they hadn’t been developed by Sony as they would be perfect on the Switch.

Also: where are my Switch ports of Lumines and Meteos?


I haven’t thought about LocoRoco in ages! I remember playing the various demos of LocoRoco into the ground until I had perfected my play throughs, and I imported the game from China because I was a kid tight on funds and weirdly it was nearly half the price.

And the music! So happy.


I only played LocoRoco 2, but absolutely loved it and it is definitely one of the best games they put out for the PSP.


Seeing this game running with Ridge Racer on a handheld from 2005 was just crazy.


i never got along with LocoRoco, it was good to look at but it just didn’t grab me! but its good the remaster is out for those that would be into it and haven’t heard of it before!