You should watch Recovery of an MMO Junkie


Recovery of an MMO Junkie is a show about a 30 y/o woman named Moriko who is so stressed out at her job that she quits to play an MMO all day. It’s about cool things like: how games are used to make up for things lacking in other parts of your life, what online communities are like, and how you see yourself and how others see you. There is a goofy love story.

This happens:

It starts out a little slow but I’m really loving it by episode 3. Please watch this good anime. It’s on Crunchyroll.


Will totally check it out, thanks for the recommendation.


no… this is a lie


I am really quite enjoying it. I keep thinking decent anime about gaming is not something very likely but I get repeatedly surprised.

Happened with Grimgar last year, happened last season with Gamers, and now this.


I’m liking this show a lot, tho like many shows I kind of wish I heard of it after the season was done so I could just WATCH ALL OF IT


I watched the first few minutes of it and definitely liked what I was seeing. Any other anime recommendations for an MMO lover?


There’s been a boom recently of people getting trapped in MMOs for one reason or another. I might recommend Log Horizon as my favourite out of those, since


It’s a sweet show and seems to be moving at a good pace. I’m glad it’s not dragging out the two characters realizing they know each other on and offline. It reminds me of And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online which has a similar premise but takes place in a high school. I find Moriko’s trips to the convenience store (or anything outside her apartment) the most relatable parts of the show.


It’s a whole genre now! I enjoyed a recent one called Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The King’s Avatar) which is technically not an anime because it’s Chinese, but basically it’s about a former MMORPG eSports player fitting back into normal play from the pro gaming scene he’s used to.


Just caught up with the latest episode (5 as of now). It’s so sweet and satisfying. Most shows would have drawn out Sakurai’s realization that Hayashi was Moriko til the end but fortunately not this anime. Happy feelings <3 Also I am spurred to think about my own tendency to play as female characters in games even though I’m a boy.




I’ve heard it said that the anime is only going to be 10 episodes long for now, which the MyAnimeList page seems to confirm – if that’s true, I’m excited to see how the last five episodes are going to go! The reveal that Himeralda and Pokotaro are married in real life was easily the cutest part of the anime to me, but I’m also just a sucker for married couples playing games together.


Not an anime, but FFXIV: Dad of Light on Netflix is a good, fun live-action miniseries centering around an MMO.


yeah i really liked that show. leave it to china to bring us the esports anime. it’s also full of the great ridiculous sports anime tropes where the main character just keeps doing ridiculous superhuman feats, but with a keyboard and mouse.


I would watch Saki but with esports.


Just saw the latest ep. I have a small crush on Koiwai. He’s so handsome and confident <3


I wasn’t sure about this anime from the first impression, but I stuck with it in the hopes that it would follow through on its more serious aspects and it definitely has. I’m glad this show is good and we can get an nice anime starring an adult woman in 2017.


how is this show so good. how is it so fuckin good

the way she was rubbing her feet together when she was on the phone is jsut tghzdtjzjh. i love her i love the body language in this show


I love her spinning in the chair in the opening. I agree that there is something appealing about the movement on the show.


In love with this. Makes me feel good and warm. Makes me want to play a MMO. Makes me want to be in love.