You’ve just created a computer virus with the sole purpose of annoying those infected with the virus as much as possible. What does the virus do?


Randomly play an audio ad while they’re on a website to make them think it’s coming from a website

And it’ll stop when they close their tabs so they don’t suspect a virus

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shift+enter is registered as enter and vice versa

Have fun using discord or any other messenger!


Signs them up for every politician’s email newsletter


it sends me 5 bucks every time one of my posts is liked on this website

also it makes the infected like every post i make on this website


It deletes money. For every bank account destroyed it gains the processing power to maintain and manage a global resource inventory.

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Endlessly produces Youtube videos of reviews of The Last Jedi with a dude standing in front of his bookcase of movies talking about how the film ruined his life. These videos would be syphoned as ads that you couldn’t skip, and they would flood your mentions. You’d be recommended one no matter what you searched, and even the Vine compilations you love to endlessly watch would be interrupted with ads featuring them.

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In high school I wrote a script that would check if the cd tray was closed, and then open it over and over again. I would put it in the start up folder of the library computers.


Everytime you boot up the computer, it starts an audio reading of 12 Rules For Life, featuring Bill Maher.

@GoldenJoel I don’t need a virus to get recommended shitty TLJ “critique” vids. Pretty sure that’s just life, because youtube fucking sucks

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It just randomly misses one letter every few words typed so you have to correct hundreds of typos.
That or do the annoying thing some applications do when starting up where they keep focusing on the window as you’re trying to do stuff in a different window.

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Every link redirects to your parents’ Facebook pages.


Whenever you need to install anything it launches Myst and you have to beat it.


Randomly inverts the horizontal and/or vertical axes of the cursor.

If it detects no cursor interface then will randomly press up+enter.


Shows you a gif of someone taking a picture with their phone by screenshoting the camera app.


Slowly increases the volume whenever you’re listening to any audio, just slowly enough that you don’t notice it happening

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It parses the text on your screen searching for there, their, and they’re and randomly swaps them for an incorrect spelling.

If it detect a US IP address, it changes all spellings and uses to UK versions like colour or lorry. If you’re in the UK, it does the opposite.


Turns caps lock on every time they’re about to type in a password. No matter the website, every time they get their password wrong, it also clears the username field when they go to try again.


press the shift key 5 times at random intervals between 1 minute and 1 hour.


Everytime you watch a YouTube video it text to speech reads every comment on the video until you close the tab.

(thought I posted in this thread already???)


Left clicks right after you right click.


Detects things you are trying to click on such as buttons, files, menu items, etc. and causes the mouse cursor to swerve in a random direction at the last second before you click, while playing a slide whistle sound effect.